Thursday, 5 July 2012

I painted that!

It's incredible what a difference a professional treatment can make to a painting. I created the original artwork on a piece of A4 paper. It wrinkled a bit and didn't really make much of an impact at that size, but I really liked it.

I asked the lovely people at Hello Canvas to make it up into a canvas print - and WOW! I am so chuffed with how it turned out. It now has pride of place on the wall.

I can't quite believe it's my art! That's me in the photo too... I'm trying unsuccessfully to  hide behind the canvas (just wanted you to see how big it was!).

It's so quick and easy to order prints this way and without the hassle and expense of needing a frame it's cost-effective too. You also get that wonderful excitement of waiting for something special to arrive by mail... Love that knock at the door from the delivery driver!

I have a feeling my walls are going to get crowded!!


  1. its beautiful!!!

    crowded walls are a good thing!!!

  2. It's awesome as is your picture. You look very young behind that canvas.:) I agree with Laurie about crowded walls being a good thing. I'll have to check out this place you are talking about. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Awesome painting.....great job!


  4. It looks incredible. I've had a few of my abstracts and photopaintings printed giclée on gallery wrapped canvas and it's definitely cool seeing it big!! Great work!
    Stay inspired!

  5. it looks soooo amazing... great way to make the most of a painting that I really liked... now I really really love it...xx

  6. You are a star! That is so gorgeous, (as are you) and will look amazing on your wall xxx

  7. WELL DONE!!! That looks great.

  8. Lisa your canvas painting turned out fabulous. I love the colors. Thanks for the tip on where to have them done.

  9. Oh Lisa how wonderful ~ I'm not a bit surprised with how beautifully it came out! What a great service though, I've been dying to find one like that here in the U.S. but haven't yet. You're looking awfully fab these days too ~ just too darling!


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