Saturday, 13 October 2012

An unusual vase

I was doing my homework. Not only is it a bit late - it's not even what was asked... But hey, this is the world of art and nobody really minds (I hope!).

These funky flowers were supposed to be in a vase, but Tahiti here wanted to carry them around with her all day so she stuck them in her hair and weaved a dress from the vines and blooms then danced around singing hippy songs and hugging trees (carefully, so as not to crush the petals).

I'm taking another class... Yeah, what can I say, I am a total art class junkie. This one is the Brave Girls Art School.

She started as a doodle but then I just kept going. The coloured pencils started taking an interest and before I knew it I had a whole sheet of paper covered in bright shades. She pretties up my mood. I like her.

It's nearly Sunday, so I'm going to post for Sunday Sketches.


  1. oh wow Lisa!!!! this is a gorgeous piece!!!! wonderful work and the flowers are perfection!!!!

  2. She is gorgeous, Lisa!
    No arguing when something as beautiful as she emerges from your fingertips!

  3. She sure is a happy being to behold!
    Beautiful work, that top left blue flower really catches my attention. ^-^

    // Virtual Boy

  4. She is so gorgeous Lisa. Love the flowers around her and in her hair. Even so beautiful as in the vase.
    lovely greet

  5. *puts flowery hat on and joins Tahiti in her dancing* :D XXX

  6. She's as lovely as her free spirit and the soul that drew her! I hope you're enjoying your class and learning loads of new tricks!

  7. Lisa, she is fabulous! I love the way the flowers cascade down onto her shoulders! I have been a real slacker in this class... still have to get my first project finished...
    Keep on creating my sweet!
    Beth P


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