Thursday, 25 October 2012

Zumba la Bumba (elephants can dance)

I think that in a former life I must have been Cuban and also possibly an elephant. You see, I have this total affinity and love for Latin music; it seeps through my veins and pulls me to my feet like some dark-haired King of Salsa in a sweaty nightclub.

My speakers rebound with the sensual passion of the Buena Vista Social Club and I dream of one day being able to play the Spanish classical guitar.

Unfortunately once I get onto the 'dance floor' (or more accurately the Zumba class studio), that's when the elephant makes its appearance. I just can't seem to coordinate arms and legs; my hips most certainly don't swivel or shimmy in a remotely sexy fashion and swarthy suitors back away with quick flip of their Cuban heel (or there would if there were actually any men in the class... I've been trying to persuade my twinkle toes to come along, but he's having none of it!).

There is a happy end to this tale though and it's not that elephants can do the Cha-Cha-Cha... You see the thing is, it doesn't really matter if I don't quite get the steps exactly perfect or that I constantly muddle my left with my right, front, back, up and down. No,  the point of going to a Zumba class is to have fun and work out to a spot of passionate music. If you sneak a look around the room, you'll notice that you're not the only one in a tangle or with a huge grin. In fact, forget elephants, there are giraffes, orang-outangs, ostriches (and OK, admittedly a few swans!).

If you've never tried ... you should!


  1. Zumba is hell... I end up in the weirdest contortions, fall over my own feet and end up doing weird combinations of half pikes and spaghetti arms... I am a hazard I tell you... luckily it is only attempted at home and away from the hysterical laughter of one horrid daughter...xx

  2. I have no coordination in any sort of dance or aerobic step. I'm more likely to go out the window than to pull off a grapevine! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I know what you mean. I can never get the motions right in classes. I do love salsa music. It makes me want to dance, so I do at home while cooking or cleaning or painting. Thank heavens no one can see me, or I'd die. I just let the music move me and forget about the technical crap.

  4. I have yet to try a Zumba....and i hate to admit to you that I'm one of those swans you speak of (years of ballet and Dance Team, I guess) but my true love is yoga. I look forward to my friday class every week :)

    I say whatever gets you up, moving and having fun is good for the body and the soul!

    Hugs you,


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