Saturday, 27 October 2012

Food shortages

I have this recurring dream, well nightmare really, that the world has been hit by a zombie apocalypse. Few humans remain and those that do live under the radar of the predatory flesh eaters.

In my dreams I am pursued by hordes of these repulsive creatures, shambling towards me like a never-ending tidal wave of rotten flesh. Vacant eyes stare as they are propelled by just a primeval instinct to feed.
And how they feed – ripping into limbs, gorging without taste, smell, or indeed any other sensory pleasure. It’s pure savagery, like the proverbial fox among the chickens.

As creatures from horror go, they lack and little need any form of sophistication, intelligence or cunning. It’s all about the power of the pack, a very large and greedy pack. There’s no thrill in the chase, no sense of victory when you capture your quarry. It’s just mindless feeding for seemingly no purpose, after all it’s never really explained why the zombie must eat flesh. Will they all die when they run out of living creatures to provide their three meals a day?  Is it just an unnecessary compulsion? What's the point of zombies anyway?

And then there’s the issue of them destroying what few humans remain on the planet - that’s where I have a real issue. You see, I'm not particularly concerned about being eaten by the vile creatures myself… it’s more that I worry about what they’re doing to my food supply....


Seriously, nobody ever thinks about how the poor vampires will manage during a zombie apocalypse do they?

[For the uninitiated, this devilishly handsome fellow above is the rather delicious Damon Salvatore. Mean n moody, but ever-so-sexy blood sucker from the Vampire Diaries. Obviously he shouldn't be confused with flesh-eating rotting Doris at the top of the page. She lurched her way out of my imagination and dragged herself onto the page dripping pus... nice....].

Vanessa, from A Fanciful Twist is having a Halloween Party. I like to pen a few words of fiction on these occasions. This is a little on the short side this year, but what it lacks in substance I hope it makes up for in drool-ability. And, if you have any zombie nightmares, here's hoping Damon Salvatore will be on hand to rescue you!


  1. Yummy....Damon ~ He will save us all from Doris!

    Gerushia's New World

    P.S I love your painting of Doris.

  2. I came for the promise of a zombie - stopped for much longer on that vampire face!! OMG you delivered on a plenty good time says one vampiress!

    Happy hauntings!! - Please come and visit my Haunted girl at

    Happy Hauntings...

  3. What a fun Halloween post! The first picture is wonderfully spooky, the second wonderfully hunky! Thanks so much for having me, happy Halloweeeeen!

    Please come party with me at my 2 different Halloween parties:

    See you soon :)

  4. Your lady zombie is too gorgeous....I'm sure she will lure in many along her way!! Especially that yummy vampire!

    Hugs and Happy Halloween!

  5. thank you for having me! I'm hosting my own giveaway, be sure to drop by.

  6. Oh yes! we cannot forget poor Damon! I might have to go into hiding with him, for the cause you know... I'm having a party too, stop by and say hello! :)

  7. Ummmmmm Damon ;-)

    I was going to say how scary I find zombies and I have similar nightmares but then you posted Damon and I forgot all that.

  8. I have not quite embraced the Zombie culture but I have close vampire friends.
    Congratulations on your new business ventures!

  9. Hi um, is this the Damon Salvatore giveaway?



    Wicked words and zombie dreams are fun anyway!

    Happy Halloween and Keep Writing, Painting-and Dreaming!

    xoxox Boo From Roo

  10. I think Rhonda is on the same wave length as me! lol. Your drawing and story are great.

  11. Yep, vampires over zombies anyday....but, a warm-blooded werewolf might be able to steal me away....heehee ;P

    Doris looks like she was just recently infected....still a bit of pretty left on her bones :)

  12. Eye Candy is always good for a Halloween treat!

  13. Thanks for the little treat... thinking of spending this Sunday lying around and checking out the delectable Damon... all your fault...xx

  14. He can bite my neck anytime! Fun story!

  15. *drooling...shuffling in a trance like state, driven by an instinctual need to taste the flesh of Damon* I'm not a zombie, just a red blooded woman lol :D XXX

  16. Doris is a perfect zombie- love the haunted look in her eyes- fab!
    And thanks for the eye candy!

  17. You have the best imagination of anyone I know! I'm still waiting for that book! Love the picture to go with the story..she fits perfectly.

  18. Very creepy post - perfect for Hallowe'en! That Damon bloke is WAY too boyishly handsome to be scary isn't he?? Doris, though, with her hollow eyes and deathly gaze ...!


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