Monday, 1 October 2012

Holding Fast

Lisa Wright

I've spent hours doing other things rather than attempt to write this blog post, for how can anyone possibly encapsulate the wonder of spending three days with such like-minded souls and eating, breathing, sleeping, dreaming and even howling to the Moon about art & creativity?

I spent a long weekend in a magical dream at The Call of the Wild Soul retreat in the sweeping Somerset countryside. Twice now I have taken myself away from day-to-day life to a place of creativity and spiritual healing whereI find the opportunity to connect with women just like me. What encapsulates 'just like Lisa'? I think it may have to be slightly eccentric and one who see things a little differently with a spinkling of humour and a twinkle in their eye!

After a long journey down on Thursday, so many warm and open souls greeted me as I first stepped over the threshold of Croydon Hall. As I sank into a saggy sofa with a warming cuppa, I felt instant connections and a stirring of magic in the air.

I fear I will be waxing most lyrically about this experience over the coming days and bombarding you with the fruits of my labours, so be prepared for my dramatic return to regular blogging - when I can tear myself away from painting perhaps.

The image above was taken during Madelyn Mulvaney's beautiful workshop where we wrote poetry with our cameras. There are many more to share!

As I travelled home last night, there was plenty of opportunity in the four hour drive for contemplation, but it did not take me long to recognise that the biggest gift from the three days was the new friendships and treasured memories. It may already be nearly 24 hours since we were together under the tiles of Croydon Hall, but I still feel everyone in my heart.

The facebook group is already filling up with the smiling faces of my new friends, so really we are merely a click away. We will hold fast to the changes made, the connections and the memories.

Thank you Erin Faith Allen for weaving the spell and to all the magical ladies whose participation and passion made it so special.

Photo by Lisa Wright & Poppy Buttons


  1. am getting more and more jealous with every blog/fbook post I read about this fabulous excursion :D So glad you had a lovely time :DXXX

  2. Looking forward to hearing more - sounds like you had a wonderful adventure xx

  3. Lisa, I am so glad you enjoyed your retreat and made some lovely new friends. It sounds refreshing and uplifting.

    Can't wait to read and see more. Fun photo at the end. Is that someone's actual tattoo?

  4. Sounds perfect! Glad you were inspired and made new friends. Its good to meet like-minded people and focus wholeheartedly on creativity. I want to go!!:-)

    Kat Xx


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