Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dear Lisa

What did I do? What did I say? What can possibly be the reason for this wanton abandonment?

I thought we were friends, that you loved and cherished me. We used to talk for hours; shared secrets, hopes and dreams...

And now? Nothing for weeks. Just a handful of unfinished posts left languishing in drafts folder. What am I to think? Is this the end of a beautiful relationship? Is it Facebook? Have you left me for his community bonding and flippant posting?

Yours with abandonment,

Your Blog


Dear Blog

Get a grip. I just needed a break (and OK, I admit I've been flirting with Facebook). You know you can be very demanding at times. I'm a busy girl - places to go, people to see...

Stop your whining and I might post something tomorrow!



  1. I'm with blog. I thought you had abandoned us. Come back, Lisa, come back!

  2. Hahahahaha.....I think my blog might be writing me something along the same lines soon :D XXX

  3. Ahhh, poor blog! Blogs just don't understand sometimes, do they? Yours writes quite a poignant and heartrending letter though . . . I hope you don't abandon him!

  4. AHH poor blog. I hop you don't abandom him, truly don't do that. Come back Lisa youu will and can inspire me so.
    lovely greet

  5. Ha ha..LOL..another clever posting Lisa. Yeah, your fans are missing you for sure!

  6. Patience is a virtue....and I'm quite virtuous.

  7. Thanks for the giggle, Lisa. I love this post. I with you, sometimes we just need a break! Love it when you're here (yes, I can be a bit of a lurker), but understand when you're not. ;->

  8. Blog,

    You didn't get this from me but....

    *looks around furtively and whispers* it's not just facebook, it's Pinterest as well.

    *wanders off whistling innocently*

  9. Hello and welcome home! We missed you!



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