Monday, 10 December 2012

Pleasure with pain

I love shoes. I mean I'm female so it's hormonally programmed right?


... the thing is... I often wonder if there's not some great conspiracy going on out there. I mean does anybody actually find high heels comfortable to walk in, let alone leap about on a dance floor in all night? Why oh why don't party dresses look just quite right with a comfortable pair of flats? Why don't shops sell shoes with kitten heels any more? Why do stilts just look so gorgeous? In fact, I think retailers have actually stopped selling shoes; they are instead peddling us sculptures intended merely for show rather than actually walking about in.

I might just put all my shoes on shelves and wear books on my feet instead. I am sure they would be more comfortable. In fact, if I did this and the whole trend caught on, I could sell half my collection - anybody want to buy a selection of left shoes (I have to keep the [w]right ones for obvious reasons).

As the Christmas party approaches I have to confess I think I've found a sneaky little solution. You see I'll turn up in the heels when everyone is still sober enough to care or remember what I'm wearing, then later on when the dancing really warms up and I need my feet for, well, supporting my body weight... I'll sneak to the cloakroom for a quick change into some ballet pumps. Shhh don't tell!


  1. I loved high heels, stilettos even better - until an illness took away my balance a bit. I used to work on the eighth floor, and would run up and down at high speed all the time because it was faster than the lift! Still love to look at them in shop windows and to draw them.

  2. Great image!! Very cool! As for the shoes, I was not born with pretty little feet. I have to wear wide width shoes and most everything is uncomfortable. I so wish I could wear all the lovely shoes I see when I am out shopping but my feet are much happier in functional comfortable shoes! lol

    I like your idea about a quick change at the end of the night!


  3. I just don't get the appeal ... at least not the high heels that I see nowadays ... how hideously horrid ... and they don't make they legs look great just freaky and really I don't mean to be mean but low class streetwalkers have been wearing these kind of shoes for ages. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way and when I'm out and about most women are wearing cute and comfortable shoes. Be yourselves and be comfortable doing it and if some don't like it that's just too bad for them not you.

    Happiness and Comfort to All

  4. I used to love heels... I used to teach all day in them... and I am talking three inch high babies... I could spend all day in them like I was floating on air... the only upside of being born with a shortened achilles... anyway... now not so much... now three inches have become two... and I need wedge type ones... and I must admit the flat studio shoes are kind of comfy... might be time to go to the dark side and look for comfort... how did my world come to this...xx

  5. I can't do heels anymore (like I ever could....haha!) When I'm feeling dressy, my heel may go to a whole inch high...and that still ends up bothering my feet after a while ;P


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