Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life is about ...

I'm trying very hard to create myself today, to plan for the coming year... But the thing is, I just keep thinking about burrowing down under the duvet and gazing at the inside of my eyelids...

Two hours later....


(Dahlia flower and chalkboard texture from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers course, colour texture taken from detail of a recent painting).


  1. Nice take on Kim's challenge! I'm certain the extra two hours helped ;)

  2. The rest did you well! Lovely image, wonderful quote!

  3. LOL - I know that 'burrowing' feeling. You did a great job with the challenge - so lovely!

  4. I thought two hours napping was normal part of creative procedure... it is for me anyway!!! Love your finished product so it was obviously the right thing to do...xx


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