Saturday, 29 December 2012

Left hand drive

I couldn't figure what to paint so I stuck the brush in my left hand thus allowing my right brain to take over the driving.

As you can see we swerved around quite a bit while we figured out just who was behind the wheel and which way to turn to avoid total disaster.

We ended up here. It's a river, not a road (by now we had parked and were moving more slowly on foot).

I wasn't actually painting with my foot at this point, it's just a figure of speech to give you the impression of a more careful consideration of subject matter.

I'm typing with my right brain too. Well, the fingers are using the left but both hands are on the keyboard to get the message all right. All right?

I should maybe think about going to bed... I sleep on the right if there's any left.


  1. Bellissimo il tuo acquerello vibrante di colori!
    Buon anno nuovo!

  2. There's such a lot in the painting - the wind, the threatening rain and the hint of flood risk. And so much more to the story. Long live the right brain approach.

  3. Lol! You crack me up. :) Love your right brain adventures. Happy New Year!

  4. left hand drawing is one of my favourite loosening up things... though yours looks a bit polished and lovely so i am thinking that maybe you need to take this out for a drive... or row again soon...xx

  5. I love the fluid movement in this piece.

  6. I love this piece and the direction it took. I should try this some time. Sorry to drop the ball today. Hugs


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