Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday Ramblings

I'm so glad the world didn't end yesterday, there's so much I still have to achieve. My word for 2012 was complete, although I have to confess that I probably haven't remembered that since about February. I had to scroll back through old blog posts to try and find it!

I'm thinking that maybe having one word for a whole year isn't really me. I'm much more of an all-encompassing kind of gal, don't like to restrict myself. And seriously, what was I thinking? Complete? Start a million projects yes, but finish them all... Wishful thinking to be sure!

Part of me is a bit disappointed in myself but the rest takes a more philosophical approach. I may not have gone back and finished all those online art courses I started, but I have achieved a great deal and set myself up on the right track for ongoing success. I am more organised and own a sense of purpose.

Is there a word that sums up the opposite of distraction. That's what I need for 2013 - antidistractionmentilitarianism or focus for short. In the short time of writing this blog post I have already nipped downstairs for a light snack (and to take down half of the mugs sitting on the windowsill). I've turned on iTunes and browsed for something light and soothing to provide a further distracting background (settled on Ben Harper), gazed at a sparkly bird flying in the gentle thermals of radiator heat, picked up a book and put it down again without opening a page and splashed my face with cold water ... ooh that reminds me I could put some eye-freshener on.

I really need to go and do something a bit more productive. New art supplies arrived in the post today that need sampling!

Poppy painting has nothing to do with this post, I just got distracted looking through my art...


  1. Yeahhhh the end of the world didn't happen as planned. LOL it will come when we least expect right?
    In the mean time have a great weekend and a very happy Christmas


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  3. I think you've had an amazing year filled with some wonderful new ventures and jam packed with creativity! I know I'm proud of you!

  4. I am the Queen of distraction... in the time since I opened this post I have had a cup of tea... played with the dog... put my feet in the pool... re read your post... had a shower... guilted Sinus into doing the mopping... made a salad... and finally sat down to write the comment.... Focus sounds like the scariest work ever invented...
    Good luck with that
    T xx

  5. You have accomplished much this year, Lisa. You should be proud of yourself.

    I love the poppy painting.

    Hugs, Kelly


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