Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Feeding the addiction

This poppy craving is getting quite out of hand. There I am doing my best not to paint red floaty flowers on everything when what happens... Barbara sits opposite me wearing an apron covered in the things!

I couldn't help myself...

I also succumbed to the art supply envy. Over the weekend I was confronted by shining coloured bottles, pots and tubes of the most delicious inks and sprays. I lusted after stencils and stamps and poured over papers...

I couldn't help myself... The postman came today with two parcels - I can't wait to get messy!


  1. oh, how I understand both additions. I never tire of poppies.

  2. beautiful poppies, i can almost feel summer in my snowy winter land

  3. Glad you found my apron inspirational - love the picture

  4. You can never have enough poppies, and definitely no one can ever have enough supplies. Hope you have a blast getting messy!


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