Sunday, 24 February 2013

Looking for your wings?

Bet you're glad you're not a Goldfinch. Imagine having to cling precariously to a prickly teasel stem while trying to fish out a seed. I hope it's worth all the effort!

Pushed myself a bit this week for Take a Word's 'wings'challenge and moved away from painting poppies to tackle a feathered friend.

I just started thinking about Angry Birds and so now have an image of me pulling back this stem and sending him somersaulting into piles of piggies... Waheeeeee...........

I've been buying up piles of beautiful nature books from charity shops with the intention of painting the subjects within, but up to now all I've done is look at the pictures! Thank goodness for these art challenges around blogland that often give you the little push you need to try something a bit different!

I'm also joining in with Gritty Jane's 'painting a day for 10 days'. It's been easy so far with it being the weekend... I'm not too sure that I'll find much time tomorrow - might have to be a quick finger painting!

While we're on the subject of wings... I wanted to share with you a special something.

Find your Wings - an Art eCourse with a difference

Last year I ran an art course that changed lives. The feedback I received from some of my students literally brought tears to my eyes. It's time to run it again.

This isn't a course where I'll teach you to paint like me. Instead it's a series of exercises that encourage you to find your own style - to play and delve deep into the recesses of the imagination that may have got a bit dusty over the years.

What happens?

We have five weeks of lessons via a private blog and Facebook Group where you can share your work and hang out with other students.

Lessons start on Monday 1st April - an auspicious date if ever I saw one - and run for 5 consecutive weeks, but the classroom will remain open for another few weeks afterwards so you can work at your own pace.

Cost is just £35 - that's £7 per week if my maths is correct. However, get in early and you can take advantage of my early bird discount and pay just £30. You'll need to register by Monday 4th March 5pm GMT to take advantage of this special price though.

Places are strictly limited so I'm able to give everyone my attention - so sign up now before they disappear in a cloud of magic fairy dust!

Find out more and sign up over here at my new sparkling website which I made last week!


  1. Your feathered friend painting is lovely, such a feathered effect!

  2. I find birds and animals difficult to do. You have come up with some gorgeous colors for your bird. Yeah, when we get depressed, we could stop and think about the life of a Goldfinch couldn't we?

  3. Your painting is so delightful! I wish I could do that! xx

  4. I pictured him being thrown off somersalting in the air....heehee!

    How do you fit it all in? So busy, busy! :)

  5. I am quite keen to try your art course-but have never done anything online before. Will think about it. Can you give me some more info and Happy belated PPF.

  6. Wondrous artwork! bravo! :)

  7. beautiful bird! love the colors.

  8. Hi , just looking at your last few posts. I think it is so much fun to try a new subject once in awhile. I love your "angry bird"! I am glad you haven't flicked him as of yet. Too bad about the poppy painting maybe it could be labeled "impressionistic" or "abstract"!


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