Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mobile Phonebia

I was a bit of laggard when it came to mobile phones - resisting one for many years until eventually I gave in to their convenience. Then they became so much more than a telephone device and my interest increased. I'll admit that I was swayed by the cameras and text messaging and celebrity endorsement. David Beckham had the same phone as me (apparently... according to the adverts).

The trouble was though, that I'd have this technology at my disposal but in the end barely ever use it. I'm such a fast typist that texting felt like pulling teeth with its laborious tapping - and let's not go there with the apostrophes. I'm afraid that I like my words to be spelt and punctuated correctly so my texts always filled about three times as much space as everyone else. It  I had a decent digital camera and an iPod - I ended up using my mobile phone for ... well, making calls.

Two years ago this all changed as I clutched in my possession a top of the range HTC Desire. I loved that phone - it was app-tastic. I couldn't get enough of Angry Birds. I stopped blogging and creating. I was hooked.

Then after just a few short weeks of love, I dropped by shiny new friend in water. It was very wet water. I wasn't happy. It was broken. Given that I'd never before so much as scratched my phone, I had somewhat foolishly neglected to take out insurance. I was under contract for two years so forced to buy a far more inferior version than the one Vodafone had provided for free.

It wasn't the same. It was slow. The touch screen hated me. I could batter the thing to death and it wouldn't register anything, yet hold it up to my ear to make a call and lo and behold, suddenly it was taking photos, checking email and bashing piggies (anything but actually putting me through to someone and keeping them there for the duration of the call).

At last though, the day finally arrived when I was 'due an upgrade'. With much excitement I awaited the couriered delivery of my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I ripped open the packaging and carefully read the instructions to get started:

Remove back cover. Check.

Insert SIM card in this slot. Eh? It doesn't fit.... Am I doing something wrong?

I consult the Oracle (YouTube). One video promised to show me how. I watched some guy laboriously remove the cover only to point at the area and tell me that's where it goes... Yeah I know that - but it doesn't fit!

The next video kindly informed me that I needed a new SIM card. A micro one. How helpful.

Finally, after a trip into town to collect the card, I am hooked up, switched on and buzzing (yes, it keeps bleeping at me, but I'm not sure why...).

I am determined to make the most of every little corner of this machine - watch out for a sudden surge in Instagrams, Facebook posts, tweets, catch up TV and even, who knows... phone calls!


  1. My daughter has the samsung android and LOVE LOVE LOVES IT!! Make sure to use more WIFI connection save the data plan for when you can't get wifi...it will be cheaper that way. However when she was in London she only used WIFI connection and the wifi there is sketchy and only connects when it fancies to! Good luck you will love it too...that's my dream phone.... Enjoy....You will love Instagram...all I can do is lurk it now on the net....but can't wait to get on it on my phone.

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Even though I've gone Mac (and therefor use an iPhone), I can't imagine life without it and my use of it certainly did take its toll on the creative process and presence in the studio. However, today I use it just as much for editing photos, keeping myself updated about my FB-page and can even blog from it as well. Amazing!

    BTW, read your post on the no. 13 and the strange things happening to you. I just had a bit of a weird moment yesterday when I was forced to take a trip down memory lane and realized I had already painted that trip into my new motif. Spooky or?


  3. Oh I got the water, so far I have wet three phones in varoius places. Lucky me had insurance. BTW did you check you house policy sometimes that covers them too. x J

  4. Yes, I fought against mobile phones for a long time, and then went through the 'I only need a phone, why would I want all those other gadgets on it' phase. But when I got my I-phone I started a real love affair. What I love most is that I take a photo when I'm out, and when I get home it's already on my Macbook ready to fiddle with.
    And I used to sneer at people with apps. Fool that I was, I'm now an app freak.
    Enjoyed the post - water seems to attract mobiles.


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