Saturday, 23 February 2013


It's my son's birthday today and I feel a bit superfluous to requirements. My lounge is full of boys talking and playing superheroes. I am merely the provider of occasional sustenance, but even that isn't craved as they are far too busy busting up villains to eat - far more important apparently! They haven't seen the cake yet though - that may change their minds!

Instead I have retreated to the art corner where I can find my own entertainment and battle a few demons of my own. Blast that colour run... knock back that ill-proportion... Put myself under pressure to make some birthday cards for friends and naturally once one does this then nothing goes to plan!

I've also decided to play along with Gritty Jane and others who are creating a painting a day for 10 days. Well, I did two last night, so that's a very fine start! Might go for something a bit more challenging today... Off to try now (best check up on those boys too!!).

Happy 9th birthday William! xx


  1. I remember those all boy parties, where playing was al;l that was required.
    Love your flowers, especially the second!

  2. Lovely flowers! It's great to take time for yourself :)


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