Thursday, 18 June 2009

Going round in circles


A little vlog to show you a few pages to get things started, but I like writing about it more so writing is what you'll get! Apologies on the film for describing every page as my 'favourite' when clearly that can't possibly be true - blame it on camera nerves! Also, I thought about saying sorry for the words 'pick your nose' on a page, but this journal is about being naughty isn't it?

The tag I wrapped comes from this lovely Cornish artist.

It's been a liberating week in more than one sense. Firstly, was my failed attempt on Monday to lose a page on the London underground. Well, it finally happened today and I have the photographic evidence to prove it, though the adventure wasn't without its mishaps. This morning the tube was running a bit delayed so consequently was packed tighter than the ubiquitous can of sardines. I barely had room to breathe let alone rummage in my bag and then think about photography composition. The return journey was a little quieter but still enough bored travellers to watch with interest as the girl in the brightly coloured top stuck a torn piece of paper on the advertising and took photos of it (while avoiding eye contact with any passengers!). I timed the exercise to coincide cleverly with arrival at my stop so I could do a quick runner. Unfortunately though the guilt kicked in when a recorded voice announced "please ensure that you take all litter with you".

"It's not litter" I say. "It's Art!" I held my head high, the strong-willed journal wrecker that I am and left my page to enjoy its liberation on the Victoria line.

It's a social thing this wrecking. I have both my son and boyfriend involved as well as some total strangers who doodled on a page for me. 'Paint with glue' was crying out for the attentions of a five-year-old.

Boyfriend kindly chewed and ripped a bit but he needs more practice...

Even tried to get the cats involved. Had a discussion with Leah about cat attitude. You know what they're like. Leave a magazine or paperwork around and they'll instantly sit on it - UNTIL YOU WANT THEM TO!

My cats are Olympic Gold Medal winners at rubbing in dirt. They do enjoying leaving their mark around the place, so I thought that smearing a few footprints on a page would be a piece of cake for them... I strategically placed said journal under catflap, yelled out their names and waited. Photo says it all...

Some of my wrecking has a sort of plan to it, I am collecting ephemera and ideas as the week progresses. 'Fill the page with circles' was a perfect outlet for me. I didn't want to just draw round things, I wanted some real brightness and colour. As luck would have it, in my blanket box rummaging I found an old birthday card I'd kept simply because I loved the bright circular pattern. So, this was my basis, then I pulled out all manner of interesting papers and cards I had been keeping for 'creative moments'. At last I was using them - wonders will never cease! At first I was actually afraid "what if I need it for something?" Nah Lisa. I think you'll find you need it for this and if you haven't found a use for it in the last five years...

The more observant among you will notice that a square has sneaked in (you can even lift up surrounding circles to view its sharp corners!). Ah, but I thought it was a bit of fun - a square tomato on a page of circles - why not? At the back of my mind though was always the notion of wrecking and destruction. Sticking pretty circles on the page is a bit tame I suppose. Maybe if I cover up the instruction a bit rather than leaving it on show... How about a bit of overlapping of the edges..? Hmm, could get clever with the page number... Now, I have a pretty page. Do I have the guts to actually destroy it? Eek. And, as you know, I'd been saving some of these scraps for years... Well here we go. I'm thinking bold paint circles, reckless, free...


  1. Love your envelope idea. Great vlog.

  2. Love the envelope too! The vlog is made by the laughter :)There's some intense and wonderful wrecking going on! The coffee grounds idea is ingenious! :)

  3. Fabulous to hear it is social wrecking happening in your house! :D I haven't done the lose this page one yet -- also suffering from "oh i'm leaving garbage behind..." Thanks for the reminder that IT IS ART!

  4. Love that you put it by the cat door and the cat steered around it. Some pets just don't understand the journal wrecking! Nice work!

  5. Love it - wreck this house!
    And the continuous line is very wonderful.

  6. Loved the vlog and the laughter. I think that says it all! Wreck this house!!!! YeeeHaawww. And isn't that just like a cat ... nope, won't do something when you want them, too. Family wrecking ... too much fun!

  7. This is really cute!!!
    Great journal pages.
    Wrecking the house doing art is fun too!

  8. I loved hearing your voice take us through the Journal:) Great Fun for sure!

  9. love that butterfly! all your pages are nice, and don't worry i could call every single page in my journal my favourite!!

  10. I'm in total agreement with Wreck this house hahaha I love that you made an envelop with the wrape this page, page. I may by borrowing that idea!! The kitty wouldn't step on the journal, how funny!

  11. I love the fun you are having! Glad someone else is having their composting page eaten... Happy wrecking!

  12. Terrifically funny and entertaining! Loved the vlog. Mine is getting a bit yucky, but still a few blocks keeping me from doing much that is naughty, but I'm working on it. That was a great idea wrapping up the tag.

  13. So many things to comment on. First the vlog was wonderful I loved hearing your wonderful voice. The circle page is beautiful as is your wrecked area. Your story of trying to lose the page on the tube was funny. Your son is such a cutie I am glad he gets to play along. Too funny that your cat did not want to touch the book. I like the envelope idea for your wrapped page. You have such great ideas.

    By the way You are a Writer so you can change your profile, if you want to.


  14. I just giggled through your post and your vlog!! Wreck this house!! hee hee hee!! Me too! The non-stop line through all those pages -Weeee! And "It's not litter - it's ART!" YEAH! great wreckage - great FUN!! thanks!

  15. Love the silliness of picking your nose. My 7 year old daughter wants to pee on mine!

  16. Loved your vlog! Wreck the house indeed! I can relate to that!
    What a fabulous envelope idea. There are always so many unique and different takes on each page.
    So great to hear your voice, but especially your laugh.
    Great wrecking this week.

  17. Oh Lisa, Oh Lisa, love your giggles when introducing us your wrecking area. Yeah, the wrecking did expand from journal to other area. You should look at my table ... and I just adored the envelope you made. Great Work! :)

  18. How wonderful! I loved your laughter and that every page was your favourite - and why not?! They're all marvelous - Yes, love them all! And I loved seeing how your boredom with something inspired your creativity and wondered if that inspires you elsewhere and always.

    A joy to visit!

  19. Wow, what a wonderful vlog. Your energy is wonderful and your pages a delight!

    I have been trying to get my cats to do something other than sleep on it...but to no avail!
    I look forward to more from you! and yes, wreck this house! i hear you!

  20. No wonder you have so many favorite pages! LOL. I loved this: "I think you'll find you need it for this and if you haven't found a use for it in the last five years... " How true! LOL Wreck on!!

  21. i love what you are doing specially those circles what a great idea! you are a genious!

  22. love your melodious voice.. and that travelling line all thru the book,, very inventive

  23. fab vlog and great to see a tag in it's new home!! :)


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