Monday, 15 June 2009

Maybe it's because (I was) a Londoner...

One of the things I love about London is the ability for its inhabitants to dress as eccentrically as they wish without anyone paying undue attention (unlike Northampton where such behaviour would have you cast as a lunatic). Is it a trait of acceptance from Londoners? Or perhaps an inbuilt tolerance of creativity when surrounded by such magnificent art, buildings and culture? I would hate to think it's simply because there are so many other insane souls wandering around that nobody notices another.

You may have surmised from this musing that I was in London today and you would be correct, though it was but a flying visit to talk comms with a fellow creative soul (although worryingly we are both aware of the existence of this website - don't worry Bill, your secret is safe with me!).

I have to keep making the pilgrimage to our capital as it feeds my soul. I'm lucky enough to be making the trip twice this week which is just as well as I had a disappointing journal wrecking experience. I had carefully torn out the 'lose this page' in readiness for disposing of it on the tube and sending it on a journey of infinite possibility. Regrettably, once I was seated comfortably on the Northern line (Bank branch) I discovered that though I had remembered my journal, the page had somehow been either lost (which would have been OK after all) or simply left at home. It was the latter so we shall attempt to say our farewells again on Thursday. Perhaps is just didn't want to be left on the Northern (misery) line as it used to be called in my day and hopes for a a more regal class of travel on the Victoria later in the week.

I chose an unusual photo with which to illustrate this post tonight but it was deliberate. Stand in the general vicinity of where I took this and you see age and neglect one direction but modern shining Gherkins in the other. It's a part of the essential character of London. Yes, I know you get this with other cities, but allow me to indulge myself... it just inbues more meaning for me somehow because I am so in love with the place. When I'm rich I'll have a place in Hampstead (close the Heath, Vale of Health perhaps) with a blue plaque on the wall (I'll want to soak up their creativity!) and a country manor with acres of meadows and woodland to frolic around in; preferably not too far from the sea...


  1. hehe...that's funny that you really did lose your page. And awesome that you get to lose the same page twice.


  2. Life is full of surprise ... that you "really" lost your page.

    I've always wanted to visit Britain and your London surely stirred my desire again! :)

    I enjoy my visit here and will come back for more.


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