Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What was it again?

I've talked before about my brain being too full of ideas, and this trait continues apace with an alarming side effect. Now, if I could just remember what that side effect was... ah of course, I keep forgetting stuff. How can it be that I can lie in bed at night dreaming up the most intelligent of blog postings, creative artistry and original journal wreckings and then forget them all by morning? It's like all these thoughts run out of my head, tumble over the pillow, then roll across the carpet and squirrel themselves away in little hiding places waiting for some tiny jogging of the memory to have them reassembling themselves in coherent form possibly days later. As I snuggle down under the duvet in a cocoon of creative thought, I even find myself thinking "there's no way I could possibly forget that, it's a fantastic idea", or ... at least it was... as by morning it has retreated into hiding.

After much frustration, I took the natural course of action and installed a notebook and pen within easy reach. FOUR TIMES I had to turn the light on last night... Was there to be no respite from this cavalcade of recordable thought? Could I not just have pressed fast forward and got it all out in one go?

Eventually sleep claimed me and this evening I picked up my notebook (the contents of which I had naturally forgotten) ready to be inspired into creativity this evening. I switched on the pc, flexed my fingers and readied myself to pour forth...

And the moral of this story: ideas that come to you in the small hours aren't necessarily good ones. There is a reason that you normally forget them by morning!


  1. why is it that it happens this way? i am so glad to hear that someone else has this same process; creativeness that just oozes out when your head hits the pillow, and can't remember any of it in the morning. it would be great to just wring the pillow out on paper the next morning wouldn't it?! i love the cover of your journal!!

  2. Don't worry, Lisa! You're not the only one here about forgetting ideas.

    Mine also tend to come to me while I was half asleep. Hence, like you I have pen and notepad on the nightstand. But the most annoying thing is when ideas pop up while I'm in the shower. Ooooh, yes, I keep telling myself that there's no way I could forget such brilliant idea. But poof! As soon as I'm out, which is about 4 mins as we're have water restriction in Australia, the ideas are gone! Blimey ...

    And just so you know, I've spent half of last night read all your posts. Yeap - from beginng to the lastest. And thoroughly enjoyed them. You have flair, my fellow writer.

    We,writers & creatives, should stick together and support each other as much as we can. So keep going and I'm sure you'll get there in no time!


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