Monday, 8 June 2009

A new religion?

I've been reading a tonne of blogs lately - mostly my new-found journal wrecking buddies who all tend to be doing their book destruction on the other side of the pond. Being a bit short on time, I confess to skim reading and noticed a number of these creative types referred to themselves as SAHMs. Hmm, must be some kind of new-fangled US religion methinks as she zooms onto the next paragraph without giving it much thought. Finally, the penny drops - stay at home mother! Aha, enlightenment dawns and I feel suitably foolish (though not on the same scale as having to consult the driver's manual to figure out how to start my hire car this morning!). So, what does that make me? A GOTWMBWRBAHCIAAFHN?

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  1. I was clueless when you wrote it -SAHM's! of course I'm in the desert on the other side of the pond -- maybe it's a back east thing???


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