Sunday, 28 June 2009

Romantic notions

The grass was almost knee length, the sun relentless and the atmosphere humid. I just had to do it - I hitched up my skirt and ran with wild abandon through the meadow (I would like to say I was holding boyfriend's hand and we skipped along together - well he rang alongside which is near enough). For a second or two there I was transported high on a hill with a lonely goatherd but then reality, in the form of one of the worst attacks of hayfever I've ever had leapt out the pollen-soaked grass and smacked me round the nose and poked me firmly in both eyes.

Undaunted, the hopeless romantic in me allowed another impetuous moment to be seized this evening. As the rain fell out of the stormy sky with big plopping drops that jumped up from the patio, I ran around the garden celebrating in the joy of ... getting wet.
And then I ran in here and blogged about it. Yes, a strange girl. Perhaps I will stick my journal out in the rain for a few minutes to wash off the scent of stale picnic food and diminish the risk of it harbouring e-coli and other nasties (even the wasps kept away!)
Oh to be in England in the summertime...

PS: Photo - raindrops on my washing line (and whiskers on kittens)


  1. i've heard so much of your lovely summers, i wish i were there playing in the grass too

  2. I'm jealous! Sounds like a picture-perfect time. It was worth the hayfever :)


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