Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday evening syndrome

Nearly 8pm and the gloom sets in. Perhaps I should have opted for a career that involved shift work, one of those four days on four days off type things then Sunday evening syndrome would be a few and far between experience. Or of course, if I ever managed to put pen to paper in a more lucrative fashion, maybe I could be that professional writer/creator of my dreams and work whenever I damn well felt like it! Tonight, not even the pleasure of writing (or seeing that I had 18 comments on my last blog post - thank you everyone!), can quite lift the cloud of despondency settled firmly upon my bonce. That's the trouble with weekends, they are just so much more fun than going to work. I can also look forward to at least an hour of tossing and turning in the bed, unable to nod off and obsessing about how tired I'll be when the alarm trills into life at 6.30am (ouch!). Is it just me or does everyone have trouble sleeping on a Sunday night? Still, look on the bright side - at least I've done the ironing* and who knows, there may just be something worth watching on TV ... and the England ladies won the World Twenty20 in the cricket!

* Speaking of ironing - that Keri Smith has a lot to answer for... Thanks to her great idea, my ironing (YES KERI, THAT'S MY IRONING - NOT MY PAINTING OR WRITING OR DOING NICE CREATIVE THINGS) took me much, much longer than usual. Why? Well, could be something to do with picking off tiny pieces of pulverised paper pulp from my darks' wash? Tear this page out and put it through the wash she so thoughtfully suggests. What a wheeze. I even smeared it with some suitable stains to see if Persil really does wash whiter. When I unloaded I couldn't find it anywhere. It certainly wasn't in the trouser pocket any more or tucked in a sleeve or sock. I stuck my head in the washer drum, spun it around a few times in a most perplexed manner (the drum that is, not my head). Then I noticed the tiny specks of white adorning my black t-shirt; my son's school sweatshirts; my best new skirt from Monsoon; my new lime green top....

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  1. Oh, ME TOO! I put it in my jeans pocket and walked around with it for a few days like that then in the wash (with other darks). It wasn't as pulverized as yours, but it meant running everything through another wash/rinse. Blimey. But all in good fun, aye?


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