Monday, 22 June 2009


I must say I'm really thrilled to be getting all these great comments on my blog. Hello readers!!

This particular one from Jamie Ridler (leader of the Journal Wrecking gang) really struck a chord with me - thanks Jamie :)

“And I loved seeing how your boredom with something inspired your creativity and wondered if that inspires you elsewhere and always.”

Do you know, she's right and, what is more, this was the proverbial kick up the bottom that was required to set me back on the right track at work. Boredom can and does inspire my creativity – “How can I make this more interesting?” is a phrase that has frequently stood me in good stead. So, I went to work today and dreamt up a fun communication involving a parody of Hello! magazine; I looked at how we could utilise YouTube at work more; I tried to find transmission towers interesting. Oh no, now it’s not working again…. Yes, I can and will find transmission towers interesting... I shan't let this renewed sense of purpose drift away. Just let them left-brainers wait... they don't know what's about to hit them...

My journal wrecking has already taught me a thing or two (other than learning that I'm a freak for taking my journal for a walk!). It's something that many of us wreckers have been blogging about - and I guess is the whole purpose of the exercise. The letting go thing; the realisation for me that what I create doesn't always have to be perfect enough to be published or take pride of place in a picture frame on the lounge wall. Creating can just be for the joy of sploshing paint on paper or words on the screen.

So, last night I put my money where my mouth is and sat down at my very messy dining room table (if you don't believe me, take a look at last Friday's vlog!). I wanted to paint but I was tired and didn't have much time to plan and detail, so I just 'painted'. I let the paintbrush do the talking and, without too much consideration, let the wild side of my muse rip. I took myself off to the Highlands and let the sounds of the pipes carry the smell of sweet heather and the cries of the clans onto the page and the result is as you see. It's by no means perfect - but I enjoyed every second. In fact, so carried away was I that I had another go! This time, in an English country garden I really just sploshed and sloshed in an impressionistic sort of way with the eventual plan to tidy it up a bit (aka have more fun) in Photoshop, so one palette knife filter later and we have our riotous flower bed.

So, what have we learnt here. Well, a reminder that boredom can be the gateway to creativity and that perfection is not necessarily the end we are looking for. At work for example, perhaps they are not yet ready for my idea of perfection. I've mentioned before that they wanted to make 'small improvements' so perhaps a little experimentation may go down well after all...

Watch this space!


  1. Hope springs eternal! Both pieces are joyful and energetic -- made me want to take a walk, or go camping in the mountains!

    Interesting introspections on boredom and the WTJ experience! Amazing the growth coming from not just the book, but the sharing.

    Cool collaging on the cover!!

  2. i am so glad you are having so much fun with blogs! there are so many good people out there! and generous and talented!
    and you are one of those too!
    light and love to you,
    from me ;-)

  3. Love your creative mantra: “How can I make this more interesting?” It's very similar to a quote which I use very often, both in life situation and in my creative work. "Turn the negatives into positives." God knows how many time it saves me from writing boring stories!


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