Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cinnamon rust

Warm and deliciously spicy, the scent of cosying up in front of a crackling fire, nibbling on sweet pastries or swiss cookies crafted for Christmas. Ah cinnamon, my favourite spice and half of the theme for this week's Inspiration Avenue creative challenge.

I hope you're listening to the song. It's one of my favourites, by a little-known band called The Storys. I saw them live once in a tiny venue. I was in the second row. It was the kind of gig where the band wander out into the foyer afterwards and sign star struck 30-somethings' tickets.

And so, I tried to bring Cinnamon, she of the long, tangled hair to life... She started as a painted canvas board in rich hues, her face was transferred from the fashion pages then she was collaged and painted and dabbed and daubed, rubbed and smudged and painted some more. Her hair disappeared somewhat under a shawl, she decamped to Moorish tiled corridors in Marrakech. She really didn't scan very well, so I dabbled with her a bit in photoshop where a spotlight brings her out of the shadows. She's rather introverted.

And because I'm of the attitude, why enter one picture when you can have two... I also present a little result of my visual poetry course - aka doing fun stuff with photoshop. I gave this rusty padlock a retro feel which some lighting and colour adjustment and finally learnt how to make those lovely rounded corners!

Look what I found hiding away!


  1. wow!! that is too gorgeous for words!! she is absolutely stunning!! reminds me so much of the girl with the green eyes on the nat geo cover!! wonderfully mysterious and intriguing. the image of the lock is beautiful as well :)) awesome entries!!

  2. Listened to the clip - loved your moody picture and the photograph is right up my street - and a ticket to The Stables, my favourite venue - we go regularly, next week infact!

  3. perfectly perfect for this week's theme! cinnamon is....well luthien used all the right adjectives...gorgeous, stunning, mysterious, intriguing! powerful!

  4. Oh these are fabulous Lisa, I love your submissions for this week! She's SO romantically haunting!♥

  5. Ha! I just made some cinnamon mince pies and the whole house smells of Christmas!

  6. Your piece is beautiful ~ I love the addition of the music clip, it goes right with the painting/collage. The rusty lock and chain is perfect too!

    (Hope you enjoyed your cinnamon toast lol!)

  7. Lovely music!! And I love that inspired your Cinnamon piece which is hauntingly beautiful!! I'm also completely enamored of your photoshop work...perfect for "rust"!!

  8. Love the shot of the padlock! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would be happy to send you info about The Pulse project but I do not have your email. Can you email me (address is on my blog) so I can forward it to you? Thanks!

  9. love that lock effect too!
    you are doing excellente dear Lisa!

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