Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Oh my...

I bought a book at the weekend recommended by a friend. One of those obscure novels no one has ever heard of. I took a sneak peak last night. I shouldn't really because I'm already knee deep in another adventure and it seems cruel to leave those friends in such dire straits. Poor Pug is captured and faces a life in slavery and Tomas was in the middle of battle... Anyway, life is meant to be torment for novel characters, (for how else will they have a happy ending?) and I was only going to read a page or so, just to get the feel.

Something happened though. Forces beyond my control pulled me deeper into the pages until I was sunk in chapters completely mesmerised by a hypnotic gaze, eyes that swing from bronze to darkest black, brooding looks... I'm not going to be doing any more blog hopping or painting this evening... I must read....

I've forgotten the name of the book now but it's about a young woman called Bella and the most incredibly sexy guy called Edward... Perhaps you've heard of it?


  1. OMG not Twilight again ... !!! (Sorry Lisa, mean no offense here).

    Thanks for the congrats on NaNo! The life you're carving out for yourself right now is far more important than a 50000 words novel. Anyway, you could always try for NaNo next year!

  2. Oh for God's sake! I am sorry, too, no offence, but does every children's book need to become an adult obsession? Ugh!
    Oh well, Lisa, now that I think about it, I still love Alice (read it at least twice a year) and Pooh (so much calmness and wisdom)

    I forgive you.
    xox, Lisa

  3. Oh dear, I seem to have started something here... I thought this was the most popular book on the planet... come on someone redress the balance quick..

  4. ahem ... i happen to LOVE the TWILIGHT SAGA and the movie!! new moon is premiering in malaysia tomorrow and ARGHHHHHHH!!!! i have to be in thailand working!!! EDWARD! wait for meeeeeeeeeeee................................

    read the saga 5 times ... dun disown me ok :p

  5. oh wait until you read New Moon and Eclipse!!!! I first tried to read by listening to the book Twilight on CD....I could not get past the first couple of Chapters. BUT I liked the movie a lot....and did enjoy reading the book series. I especially enjoyed New Moon and Eclipse. I am really more into Jacob haha.

    I don't consider this a kid's book or even a tween or preteen only book. I think it can fill many longing soulful readers hearts. I think the simpleness of it all makes it easier for everyone to connect to. Maybe it drums up memories for each of us....I don't know. I don't really care. I also enjoyed the series.

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the movie New Moon I did not feel they went into much depth as the book and Jacob did not appear in the movie as much as I thought he would. I liked the book better. Whereas with Twilight I liked the movie better than the book.


  6. You're too cute and the truth is I think we're all better off reading the books than seeing the movies (of course this from a completely visual person, ugh!) so my take is - ENJOY!♥


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