Monday, 30 November 2009

Open for business

Oh you made it! I am so glad you could come along. It's quite a party here, come on in and grab yourself a glass of bubbly and something to nibble. Now don't worry, not everyone knows each other so let me introduce you to a few people. Follow me... Mind you don't trip on the red carpet, Kate Winslett just went such a cropper and snapped a heel on her strappy sandal. It was a good job Jimmy Choo was here with a few free samples just her size - that's him over there on the floor checking out feet and about to be stepped on by Kevin Spacey.

Well, this is the party room, I'll take you through to the gallery shortly. There are some wonderful artists here already though. Oh look, over here are the lovely ladies from Inspiration Avenue, they are such darlings and the most creative creatures. Can I tell you a secret? They've asked me to join their little tribe. I'm so honoured I'm virtually speechless. Well, I would be if I wasn't such a chatterbox! Oh, there's one missing... where's Luthien? Ah there she is. I knew I shouldn't have invited Robert Pattinson, she's been glued to his side since he arrived...

Look who else is here, or should I say 'Hugh' else - Mssrs. Jackman and Grant, why don't I leave you in their charming company while I ready myself for my opening speech.

Ahem, Ladies & Gentlemen, thank you so much for making the effort to fight the rain and paparazzi to be here with me today at the opening of my Gallery. I'm delighted to see you all. I can't believe it has been only a few short months ago that I once more picked up a paintbrush after years spent in creative exile. It has been through the encouragement of you, my fellow bloggers and superstars that has prompted not just an artistic outpouring but the opening of this Gallery - my Etsy shop. Without your support and wonderful comments I would never have believed in myself enough to take this gigantic step. I am proud to be a part of this inspirational tribe.

Without further ado, and before Shirley Bassey starts singing again, may I now proudly declare, my Etsy shop well and truly open!

Do step on in and have a look around and please let me know what you think. I'll be adding more as the weeks progress so feel free to help me clear some space in the stock room!

Picture up topwas created just for today. I was going to put her for sale but I'm rather attached. She's another mixed media piece - I painted a party background on a canvas block. Transferred on the image of the party girl using gel medium then painted and oil pastelled over the top of her. I even 'sewed' on the sequins!


  1. CONGRATULATIONs it looks great!!!! your work is amazing and you already have a sale that is awesome!!!!

  2. YES!!!!!
    i will check it out for sure
    wishing always the best

    p.s. i was very busy with the creative every day challenge and couldn't comment much these past days but it is over so will visit you more often i promise you

  3. Yay! Congrats on your launch! Your shop looks great and - hey - you've had a sale already! :)

    Now where's Jimmy gone with those free samples...? ;)

  4. wahahahaha!!! oh no!! what would the girls think of me?? glued to robert pattinson's side the whole evening?? i can't help it ... he's "glamored" me the true blood way *contented sigh*

    but you know what ... i manage to sneak away from him just then, it took a lot of will power but i did it! and i went to take a peak at your new shop ... OMG!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! how did you manage to get so many pretties in in such a short time !! Congratulations luv!! this is a whole new journey and i just know that you're gonna have one fantabulous ride :)) wishing you only the best and may all your dreams come true :)) (erm ... excluding the edward ones :P )

  5. Love your write up/post on the opening of your shop. Clever! And congratulations. I'm off to check it out and will forward your link to others. :)

  6. Nice intro. Good luck - selling art is hard.

    My old tutor once said to me - my paintings are not selling so I'll need to double the prices!

  7. I hope your guests all forked out for a some WrightStuff - you shop is looking great.

  8. Congratulation Lisa! This is fantastic and wishing you all the best.

    Been to your shop and enjoy your paintings. Keep at it. :)

  9. It's me again .... just wrote a plug of your etsy shop in my blog! :)

  10. Hey, congrats! Sorry I missed the party but didn't want to give all the guests my cold. I'll stop by your gallery once I'm better and can enjoy it.

    Sorry I missed the Hughs. Wah!

  11. Hur-frickin-yah for you, Lisa!
    I knew Hugh would be here, but where IS Luthien???
    I haven't seen her since the the cell phone jewels unveiling. Is she out there painting a pimp? I miss her so :(
    OK Lisa, I am zooming over to your shop to give you a heart. If I can figure out how...sigh.
    Way to go Girlfriend!!!
    xox, Lisa(also)

  12. Congratulations on making one of your dreams come true!

  13. Oh I'm sorry I'm so late to the lovely party, the parking was dreadful and you should've seen the traffic over the Atlantic, ugh! But I made it and what a smashing bash it is!!
    Of course I'm shocked our darling Luthien wasn't monopolizing Zachery's time, poor boy he's run off shattered!)

    It's a perfectly festive opening and SO fitting of your immense and awe inspiring talent!! Congratulations and huge hugs!♥♥♥ MUAX!

  14. oh how wonderful!!! what a great party!!! thank you for all your hospitality....

    now I will head over to check out the shop!!!

  15. Thanks for the invite to your fabulous party! Grats on your opening AND your first sale! I know you'll go far with Etsy!

  16. "Of course I'm shocked our darling Luthien wasn't monopolizing Zachery's time, poor boy he's run off shattered!)" (manamoon studios)

    oh NO!! was zachary there too?? poor guy! i should have spent some time with him ... ah well, maybe when he's off the starship enterprise next time ... :P

  17. LOVE that picture!

  18. Congrats on your freelancing gig! Love reading the party opening and your working alone posts. So imaginative! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a completely clever way to announce your shop opening, so fun!

    I saw your comment over on Flying lessons and thought I'd take a peek. :) btw I love the pic at the top, and don't blame you at all for being attached to it. It's marvelous!


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