Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why you should always wrap up warm in winter

May this be a lesson to all those fair maidens out there who don't heed their mother's wise words. Keep your neck and chest wrapped up darlings!

This little bit of digital fun was for SoArtfulChallenge. They invite you to take this little picture below and make something of it.

Well, in the olden days vampires weren't of the dashing Edward Cullen variety I'm afraid and young girls like Mina were far more foolish. I'm sure that Bella or Buffy would have successfully sent him packing! I wonder if he stole her hat when he'd finished drinking her blood, it really is rather fetching...


  1. OMG!!! this is both hilarious and awesome!! first i couldn't make out what was on her neck ... and when i did i squealed in delight!! you have the greatest sense of humor!! love this love this!! i'll love it more if it were edward cullen on me :)) HAHAHAHA!!!

  2. This is fabulous and fun. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us at Soartful.


  3. What a fun take on the image. And I love your little story that goes with it.

  4. ooh! that is great! So amazing how different people will take the image and do such unusual artwork with it! I would never have thought of anything like what you did! It is great! Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments!

  5. Sage advice! Terrific take on the image...your words of wisdom are so true, but the scarey part about the 'taking of blood' was really scarey...and heck...I really wanted the hat!! (grins).

  6. A very creative interpretation for this challenge - soft and beautiful vintage image with a twist of darkness!

  7. I'm glad Mina has her hat on and that she remembers to keep her feet dry, although I fear it rather too late to worry.

  8. Hilarious!! I am so glad that I found your blog by meandering everywhere this morning. Mina is priceless!!
    Have a great Sunday!


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