Friday, 13 November 2009

Mother realises she is not a super human

Shock! Horror! UK Mother realises she is not super-human after all!
Disturbing news from suburbia today when the mother of five-year-old came to the sudden realisation that, despite her best efforts, she was not capable of doing everything.

We caught up with the distraught woman to find out more.

"It's terrible," she trembled. "I really thought I was super human. I just kept taking on more and more. I'm setting up my own business working as a freelance internal communications professional, bringing up my son, keeping house, organising a craft sale at my son's school next week, making art, crafts, soaps and bath fizzies to sell there, cooking fresh and healthy meals, being a loving girlfriend... Something just had to give..."

The not-so-super-Mum admitted that this week she had not taken part in the Joy Diet blogging group (because she hadn't actually found the time to read the relevant chapter); she had only managed a few thousand words on her novel for NaNoWriMo and as for working her way through the Artist's Way... Well least said about that the better.

Let this act as a warning to mothers the world over. Remember. It is not possible to do everything. Just priorise and you'll be fine.


  1. hahaha!! you poor thing!! but at least you can still laugh about it :)) what a cute post ... aww... ... you take care hon :))

  2. HaHa! Yes, the sooner we realize this the better off we will be!

  3. Wow - I'm impressed at even thinking about taking on so much - just put all that low priority stuff on hold and look at how much you HAVE done and be proud.

  4. That's exactly ho w I am too. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes can't we? A while back I was in the 'I HAVE TO hoover upstairs' mode I thought to myself 'HEY hang on a minute- I'm ouuta breath here-drop the bloody hoover!'It's reallly not important for gawdsakes! So now I ALWAYS put the vital and the fun first!

  5. Lisa,

    Too funny but true. I have only read half of the chapter so I flunked at laughter too! I often tell myself "What was I thinking". DOing the artist way and the joy diet were really two much. I think one book at a time from now on.


  6. hahaha....cute! I wish I could relate, but I have no children. It does remind me back to when I used to watch my niece and nephew! :D

  7. Phew! Well that's a load off my mind. If Super Mom can't handle it, what am I thinking?

  8. Ah yes, a sad revelation it is (as my dusty cape hangs next to yours). ;-)

  9. Healthy meal, which one was that :)


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