Saturday, 21 November 2009

Romantic fairy tales

Once upon a time in a fairy tale castle far, far away lived a radiant Princess. Her beauty was legendary in both her own and neighbouring kingdoms and many fought for her hand. She had eyes for only one but, as is the way of fairy tales, the path to true romance was not smooth. For he was not only the son of one lowly born, but belonged to the sworn enemies of her Kingdom. How could they ever be together? Love will find a way...

My romantic entry to this week's Inspirational Avenue challenge. Mixed media on canvas block - quality of image not too good as it didn't fit in the scanner. Collage, acrylics, pastel, mica, stamps and a sprinkle of romance. I had such fun with this I even made a sister painting. I nearly sold it too. A lady had it in her hands... she was captivated by the romance... she came back for a second look... she asked if I would do a commission using a picture of her daughter instead.... I gave her my details...

This week the Etsy shop goes live! If I say it here then I'll have to do it won't I?

PS: Happy Birthday little sis!


  1. Oh how pretty! I love the adorable tale that goes with this piece... it seems like romance must be in the air this season... it keeps popping up every where I turn :) I love it!
    Congratulations on opening your Etsy and that's too cool that someone is commissioning a piece!
    Happy Birthday to your little sister!

  2. Yes! You will have to do it! What are you waiting for. Take the plunge...

  3. I love this painting. The colors and texture just say "romance"!

    Congratulations on your commissioned piece! And on your decision to open an Etsy shop. It's a great idea!

  4. A very lovely piece. Congrats on the commission!

  5. Wow, you always manage to outdo yourself, each and every week! Love, love, love this one, it's just beautiful and I new you'd sew a fabulous tale to go with it - you never disappoint!

    I'd mention the shop but you already know how I'm feeling about that... ah yes... baited breath. ;-)

  6. Gorgeous! Love this piece. Cool on the commission. What fun!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. oh wow!! positively captivating!! love the lyrical feel of the art and the color scheme is heavenly!! but i wanna hear some more of the story!!!

    congrats to your commission and ahem ... the ETSY SHOP!! *squeal* i am in anticipation....

  8. what a wonderful collage!! and i like how you told a story about it!!

  9. so soft & muted...lovely & perfect for the theme! best wishes on your shop opening & commission. it's exciting! my first two sales in my photo shop were custom orders & it was great!

  10. As with all your work, I LOVE this! Congrats on your Etsy shop, is it the same name as your blog so I can find it?

  11. What a lovely piece! I love the story that goes with it. Congratulations on the custom order. How exciting!

  12. Your collages are so pretty! Good luck with your etsy shop!
    xox, Lisa

  13. What a gorgeous piece and love the tale that goes with it!


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