Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Game

Cheryl turned sideways, sucked her tummy in and drew herself up to her full 5 foot 5 inches. She was ready for battle and had no intention of becoming a casualty. Her eye on the prize she began to move imperceptibly across the field. Sidestepping the eye of the enemy she kept her focus. It helped to turn sideways, she could slip through the ranks un-noticed, then a quick flick of the shoulder and she was past the first wave. Watching carefully she judged her next move. Where would it be safest to position herself? It wasn't just a matter of grabbing the first safe spot, it was about who would be her wing man. She hesitated almost a moment too long as she spotted an incursion to her left. But Cheryl was a veteran, she knew the game. A sharp elbow, a small imperceptible shove and she made it to the front of the bar, smiling sweetly into the topaz eyes of a besuited City type. Captured by her sparkle he allowed himself to be drawn into her net until, almost without thinking, as the indifferent barman handed her the large glass of Chardonnay he uttered the words "let me get that for you" and handed a crisp note across the counter.

A Sunday Scribble on the subject of 'Game'.


  1. A really neat story! Love it. I had Simon, you had Cheryl - will anyone have a Dannii or a Louis?

  2. I like it too. You haven't failed at Nano, you took the plunge you did some writing and that is all good. You suceeded in beginnning something that you can continue to work on and you should congratulate yourself on that. PLus you wrote today. The idea is just to keep on writing. You are talented and I look forward to seeing more of your writing someday.


  3. Nice take on 'Game'. This takes me back to the days being single.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!You should definitely go for it on the writing front.It's brilliant that you have written down your goal,good luck with it.

  5. Just found your blog via mummy blogger site. Hey it's great stuff here - not many blogs are actually about the writing.

    I've been doing the blog posting month thing - last one today, phew.

    Back to the keyboard - but I'll look round a bit more first.


  6. Way cool. I could follow Cheryl´s flow and even held my breath when she almost missed it. :D

  7. Your Cheryl would get a drink from me anytime!

    Engaging piece, beautifully written, so that I could picture the scene in detail.


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