Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hippy Happy Hoppy

My boyfriend calls me a hippy and I'm drawing a few. I'm feeling rather happy. I've been doing a lot of hopping.

Well, that's my week, how was yours?

I'm rather tired and should go to bed, but I wanted to write a post ready for Jamie Ridler's happy sharing group tomorrow where we spread jolly happenings thicker than the sweetest marmalade. I thought I may as well use it as an excuse to ramble anyway!

Firstly, I would like to turn to my stomach. It is very happy with me this week. You see I rediscovered a particularly tasty delicacy that it hasn't had chance to digest for possibly around 30 years or more. Said treat is, by its very nature, hideously bad for you, but I figure that eating organic seeded crackers (dry) for lunch has more than made up for this little transgression and counts as being part of a 'balanced' diet.

By now, the more observant among you will have noticed the large slab of Battenburg cake floating on the page and guessed the reason for my acute salivation. You may also be thinking it's not terribly sophisticated or even tasty. There you would be wrong. Washed down with a nice cup of tea in a china cup, its delightful sweetness and rich marzipan is just what a girl needs on for a drear January. My son chose it while we were shopping in Tesco - no doubt attracted by the resemblance to ice cream. Poor lad only had one slice before Mummy hid it away. Just think of it as trendy 1970s retro chic and enjoy...
Hippy Happy
Well the icing on the cake for me this week could have been a spending spree in my wardrobe's hippy spiritual home - Monsoon - but I drew hippy instead. I've been devouring my Suzi Blu course and will be posting some Goddess portraits shortly. I need to be a very good student becase... I HAVE A PAINTING COMMISSION! Yes, someone has actually asked me to paint a gift for their hippy friend. Well, I'm thrilled. AND she bought, not one but TWO paintings from me! Thanks Tina!!
I've hopped about more than the Easter Bunny and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo put together this week. You see, I hurt my left foot but was determined to carry on with my exercise regime so did it all on one leg... Err, and also I've been doing a spot of blog hopping bouncing my way around the, at last count, 783 entries to the One World One Heart challenge. Well, not actually all 783... but quite a few.
Have you visited? How do you browse? Are you an orderly person, working their way through chronologically? Or, like me are you a bit more random - diving into those with the most intriguing names or keeping an eye out for old friends? I'm drawn too, like a magpie, by promises of bright sparkling things. It has been such inspirational fun - so many wonderful blogs to run around. Hello new friends! Glad you came back for another read. Hope you stay!
So, between that and Suzi Blu I've been keeping my evenings busy.
Daylight hours have been for working! Yes, another week of paid work and more next week!
PS: Don't you just love the way the sun is glinting off the sugary marzipan on that cake?


  1. Nice to meet you Happy Hyppi Hoppy painter super future writer.
    Congrats for your sales!

  2. awesome a commission!
    seems the heavens are cracking open and leaking golden joy on everyone!
    Never heard of the cake but it looks yum, i cant believe you have visited so many blogs, what a wonderful ride you are having. im not sure where you are finding the time, but its people like you who make it work.
    good luck with that commission new hippy friend xxx
    ps. i have read your new post before doing mine so i have cheated, and now cant put cake in my new post can i.....or maybee i can !! hhhmmm now where am i gonna find a cake???

    Raven Moon Magic

  3. When I was little, I loved Skippy the Bushkangaroo, which was called the same in Germany.
    So you are going to hiphop yourself through the week, hm? ;) Cooool!
    Happy hopping!

  4. Damn hippies :P, I want some of that cake - tell short legs its not all for him :)

  5. That cake looks so good, I could eat the photo--but I would probably gain weight just doing that--ahh, the joys of menopause :)

  6. Congratulations on the commissions. I know you must be so excited. When I blog hop I find myself going to the people I know first and then always add a few more people to the adventure. The list just keeps growing but there are so many interesting people to learn about that I don't want to miss anything. Have a wonderful week filled with happy, hoppy things.

  7. Seems like we both seem to have issues with our appendages! Glad you are still moving and grooving.

  8. The cake looks delicious - it's the perfect thing for a cup of tea! Congratulations on your commissions - that's so exciting. And your course sounds wonderful. I love taking courses that get me going in a new direction. Am so impressed at how you manage to keep up with so many blogs - I don't have a system for looking for them - and even forget to go back to ones I like as regularly as I want to. have to get more organized.

  9. Kudos to you for working out on 1 leg. I would have sat and had more delicious cake. Congrats on your commission. Woot! May you have many more!

  10. i am so hippity hoppity happy for you!

  11. Congratulations on your commissions! Have fun creating them and may you have many more!!

    It's amazing how yummy that cake looks to me considering that chocolate is usually my downfall. I am off to go grocery shopping, and now will be visiting the "sweets" aisle for sure! Thanks a lot! ;-)

    You are very dedicated to work out on one leg! Hope you are healed up soon!

  12. By the way folks - I was joking about the hopping exercise!! Sorry to disillusion you about my dedication to exercise, but I would be hopping mad to do that!! I rested until it was better!

  13. Lovely fun post! That cake looks amazing!

  14. Your description of the cake has definitely left me wanting to run out and get some cake. I love the way you described your happiness this week :).

  15. Lots of delicious hippity-hoppity-happy stuff this week! Congratulations on your commission! YAY!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate - surely deserving of some cake indulgence.

  16. I must admit that I love your hippy, happy ramblings, not to mention the hoopy part! Congratulations on your commission, and why WOULDN'T someoone want to buy your art? I am really looking forward to seeing your goddess paintings. Thank you so much for your support of Have a HeART for Haiti. Don't forget to send me an e-mail, so I can add you to my address book and keep you posted of developments.


  17. Hurray to you for your commissions! Must be a good feeling! And a pat on the back! Also, that cake looks incredible and it's your fault I have a puddle of slobber on my desk now!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. the cake, and all the hippity hoppity happy, make for an awesome week!


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