Friday, 15 January 2010

A pocket full of...

Take me away
A secret place
A sweet escape
Take me away
Take me away to better days
(from: A pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield)
A warm and sunny prompt this week from Inspiration Avenue to help melt away the snow and January blues.

I thought I'd make a greetings card this week. I had planned on an adventure into advertising having the somewhat over ambitious idea of creating a new advert for fabric conditioner with sparkles and sunbeams flowing out of pockets in newly laundered clothing while tossed delicately on a Spring breeze. I thought a soundtrack of sunshine on a cloudy day might add soul fragrance.

Well, would you believe it. I only went and got some paid work! Well, how inconvenient! My foray into the world of advertising had to go on hold for a few days. Then, I was suffering serious boyfriend and shopping withdrawal symptoms, so managed to get my fix of both on Thursday. Fortunately for the boyfriend, first stop was Costa Coffee where we lolled on sofas, inhaled neat caffeine and he stole secret nibbles of my cake when I wasn't looking. All very indulgent. This put me in such a good mood that I suggested he remain there with the sports pages and a couple of Grannies for company while I quickly nipped in John Lewis to the Bobbi Brown counter... (well, those gift vouchers had been cluttering up the place...)

This morning I was laid low artistically by a rare disease in this house - it was the urge to clean. I advise sunglasses before entering my kitchen readers - the glare is quite dangerous and if you're looking for anything I may well have actually put it away... Put the boyfriend to good use reorganising my desk and moving electrical equipment. And Mum, before you ask, yes he did do something about that tangled mess of cables.

And so, Friday afternoon edged into a foggy sky and no artwork done all week! There was one corner of the house though that had been untouched by the cleaning typhoon.... the art studio aka dining table... well, it wouldn't hurt to get a few more paints out then would it... a few acrylics sloshed about and splashed over hands and fingers and I almost felt my old self again.

No pockets I'm afraid, but hopefully plenty of sunshine!


  1. I love yur sunshine flower it is all about what makes us feel bright and sunshiny, Love your writing and you make it feel like we are right there with you. Love it!!!! blessings on your weekend

  2. Lisa, I love reading your posts--they're as creative as your art!!

  3. I love this Lisa! I thought of that very song when I first read the challenge. Quite a nice song, I think. This painting is perfect! Especially for the lifeless gray days we have had. Thank you for sharing your story of the freak disease that struck. lol When I am stressed or mad, I do my best cleaning. lol

  4. Love the flower and forgive me for being cheesy but I really love that song!! It just makes me happy.. I think I will post it on my blog right now.

  5. I so enjoyed reading about your happy cleaning disease, I dont suffer with it myself, but I am sure one day it might pop its ugly head up in my house!!!! What a wonderfully colourful painting, Sunflowers are always so cheerful and sunny!! The song that spring into my mind was Walking on Sunshine when I read the theme!

  6. shout out for you today!

  7. OMG this is sunshine power.
    Fantastic painting. I love it.

  8. I love this, so sunny and cheerful. And the style you used to paint it is perfect!

  9. Your sunny flower is singing out on my 'dashboard' just what we need. The snow is gone, but now it is just dull and grey, everything seems drained of colour, think I need to get the colour pots out.

  10. A really cheerful painting! I think it actually light up my livingroom when I saw it. (I thought about Walking On Sunshine, too.)
    As for cleaning-Thursday was the National Day to Oranize your Home here in the States. Maybe you got hit with our bug?

  11. humorous, spirited, cheerful and just a joy!! love the post and LOVE the sunflower!!!

  12. What a great post! Awesome and like your good energy coming through your words. Can I ask, are those pics your art? Awesome...

    Have a great weekend.

  13. This is fantastic! Darn, now you have been singing Natasha's song :)

  14. That is amazingly beautiful!

  15. Well done on getting your paid job Lisa; the advert can be submitted for a future challenge I'm sure :)

    Sounds like you also had the option of submitting your sparkling kitchen for this week's theme (no danger of that here lol!) ;)

    I love your painting - wonderfully vibrant and sunshin-ey! I know it's an obvious comparision but the brushstrokes do remind me a little of Van Gogh :)

  16. So beautiful! What a gorgeous painting!
    I think it would make a great card.
    I still have not gotten to my studio to clean it out...your cleaning mood is inspiring me to get in there...maybe tomorrow if the weather is good.

  17. Well done on the job! We knew it would be this year!!!!! Your studio sounds just like mine...

  18. Perfect greeting card, Lisa.
    You are my sunshine,
    my only sunshine,
    You make me happy
    when skies are gray...

  19. receiving this card would brighten anyone's day! love your acrylics!


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