Saturday, 2 October 2010


Coton Manor c.2010

Last night I dreamt* I went to Coton Manor again...

Yesterday I posted a picture of this splendid abode whilst dreaming of living in a wisteria covered cottage. Today I went back there.

Of course, you can probably tell from the picture that it's rather more than a yokel's residence! However, it wasn't the building itself that took me there today, but the gardens which are rich with sumptuous colour and texture from Spring through to Autumn. May in particular is the most magical time to visit when the bluebell woods filled with colour and fairy folk weave their magic spell on you. (It's true! There's a sign that says that if you pick the flowers, the pixies will set the imps on you!)

Today was the last day before they shut up shop for winter and the sun was shining its brilliant best, turning the brown leaves of yesterday's rain filled sky to amber beads glinting in the light.

I dragged a reluctant six-year-old with me but knew once he got there he'd enjoy running around and getting lost in the tangles and his imagination. Secret pathways lead you to the hidden nooks where the fairies make their homes. We crossed bridges on tiptoes for fear of waking trolls and met Pan and friends in verdant glades who played enchanting tunes before bobbing for pears at the bottom of still ponds.

Could it be magic? Yes, I think it probably could!
Certainly a few spells were applied in Photoshop on our return home...
Oh and did I mention just how much I love Photoshop. There were three people in the top photo including two sat on a bench right in the foreground. I was too polite to ask them to move for my photograph so removed them later. Yes, definitely magic!

* I actually dreamt about cake - more specifically fruit scones with cream and strawberry jam and sticky pastries. This diet I am on is clearly having a detrimental affect on my sleeptime adventures... I want caaaaake I want caaaaake....


  1. Beautiful Lisa...what a dreamy magical post..and super enchanting.....lovely!!

  2. Lisa,

    I want to come wander these lovely paths too! Just dreamy and just what I needed... a little escape!


  3. Lisa this is your best post yet! So very beautifully written I am in awe! Photography is excellent too. Love it!

    Ro xx

  4. What a lovely, dreamy post. You had me wondering those garden pathways with you, discovering fairies and daring to wake the trolls, ;). What a beautiful piece of heaven on earth this must be, portrayed gorgeously here in photographs and words. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You, Lisa, are a magical Mom!

  6. You're so fortunate to live in an area that offers such beautiful history!


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