Friday, 8 October 2010

Feeling the heat

I love hosting the creative challenges over at Inspiration Avenue but then I always put so much pressure on myself to complete my entry. You'd think I'd learn and have my piece dried and dusted well in advance of even announcing the topic, but then if you believed that then you clearly don't know me too well!

Still, at least I'm two days ahead of schedule on this Mexico theme which can't be bad! A chance 'lift conversation' with a colleague at work has pointed me in the direction of a programme called 'Getting things Done' by some guy who reckons he knows how - a certain Mr David Allen. Anyone familiar with this? I bet he's really smug and the kind of person who fills out his tax return 5 years in advance.

Or is that just me shifting accountability by trying to make fun of the accomplishments of someone I so secretly envy! Yet another day has flown by and still I'm surrounded by paperwork. I did at least sort out the house insurance and wrote a letter to Customs & Excise, but that about finished me off and I retreated to the art table.

Well, I've made a note to find out more about this miracle cure. Gus said it changed his life! We'll see...

Anyway, this evening I shall remain with my "but I'm an eccentric artist" excuse for my total inability at controlling paper. So, while we're on a painterly subject, here is my entry for aforementioned Mexico challenge.

She's a sort of Frida-inspired Chica. Lots of lovely colour, some Spanish text from a magazine, acrylics, pencils, water-soluble oil pastels and some ink. I loved painting her, she was a pure pleasure - albeit a guilty one while the paper chaos still existed in the background.

Do pop along to 'the Avenue' and see the Mexican-inspired creations of all the other wonderful creative souls.
PS: By complete coincidence I found this blog today called Mexican Colors. She featured an artist I follow (The Ruby Nest) with an interview which is how the magic path of serendipity took me to her. Both blogs mentioned are well worth a visit.
I know, I know, it's really bad.... I'll clear it up tomorrow....


  1. Wow Lisa..that a really beautiful piece..gorgeous and radiant and fabulous! Shine on!! This one is stunning!

  2. She's beautiful. I love the colors in the painting. I didn't know you hosted that...where have I been...and Yes, I love that excuse, "oh, I am an eccentric artist..." can i borrow that line! ha ha ha. love it!

  3. She is Lady of Guadalope and Frida and fantastic rolled into one big YES!!!!
    I have something to post... :)

  4. oh how cool!!! thank you for sharing your awesome submission!!! and thanks for the new challenge blog!!! I love challenge blogs!!!

  5. She's a beautiful aristocratic Mexican woman! Love her eyes, hair and blouse. Oh, and the warm background too. I think that about covers the whole painting! lol.

    You think Friday is late? Yikes, I better get busy. I do have an entry, and I'll be working like crazy on it today.

    I can totally relate to the reluctance to take care of paperwork...also phone calls...I'd rather be painting, although you'd never know it by how long it takes me to finish something.

    I should check out your Mr. David Allen...someday!

  6. lisa, this is beautiful and i'm so glad i'm not the only one who can find any excuse to avoid paperwork!
    have a great day!

  7. A lovely original piece!!
    Very pretty!

  8. Hah! I had to laugh... your desk looks like mine! Love your creation for this week's challenge, she's just beautiful!

    I had the honor of seeing your work framed this week too as Plumrose has now found her permanent home in a lovely dark mahogany frame.

  9. I'm totally impressed with your drawing and painting skills. The shading is perfect and the details are precise for this Mexican lady. This piece is stunning and beautiful.

  10. This painting is truly beautiful. Thank you so much for your support and sooo kind comments! I appreciate it. : ) I'm headed over to The Avenue now. xx

  11. As you know I love your art.
    I'm so happy I won your postcards.YAY!
    Your Chica is muy bonita.

  12. Lisa, I am in awe of your painting. She is gorgeous! I love the colors you used and her beautiful face. It's lovely.
    My husband is a "piler of papers". Makes me a bit crazy at times.
    Your paintings are full of depth. I enjoy them very much.

  13. I love your Frida inspired Chica! The colors are amazing too. Thanks for stopping by and sending such sweet comments. I have been a big fan of the Ruby Nest & saw the same post about Julie. Lovely to watch people find other artists you love~ & share the love.
    I hope to play again sometime soon! ~Theresa


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