Friday, 8 October 2010

Time Capsule

Our happy book homework from Mistress Ridler this week was to create a time capsule capturing the moment for posterity. The prompt in the book suggests we record a snapshot of our lives for review in years to come.

Well, at least I've done something interesting this week!
Biggest achievement this week: Finished the entry for Marketing Team of the Year - will we win?? Hope so!

Book: Last night I finished The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Read it and you'll be carrying garlic in your pockets and never looking at librarians quite the same way again.

House - Untidy.

Artwork - working on a Mexican piece for the Inspiration Avenue challenge.

Blog - 226 followers, pageviews last month 2,717. Current votes in the Dorset Cereals blog of the month competition - 28. Number behind leader 2. If anyone wants to vote for me (pretty please), they can click the link in the sidebar!

Most played tunes on the ipod. Well right now, I'm rather into the rather sexy vocals of Brandon Flowers and his solo album. It's called Flamingo. I wonder if he recorded it while standing on one leg and dressed in pink?

TV - it's all Strictly, X-Factor and the Apprentice. Reality TV all the way baby...

Weight - 65.9kg. Not happy. Need to be back to 59.9kg which is what makes me smile when I step on the scales. Not enough exercise and too much chocolate is the culprit. Himself and I are three weeks into the South Beach Diet. Weight loss to date is virtually negligible. Something wrong here surely - eating the most healthy food, exercising and cutting out carbs and nothing is dropping off.... Too depressing for words. I might have to go buy chocolate to cheer myself up!

Hair style - bob. Who knows, next time I read this it may well be a charlie!

Ability to be serious for any decent length of time - pretty much zero.

I think I'll do this exercise with my son this weekend. He'll love it!

Now I'm off to capture some moments with my camera.


  1. Your simple but powerful book review makes me want to run out and get the Historian. I'm headed now over to vote for you. You are sure to win.

  2. ~i voted the other day...2 is not far behind!! fingers crossed fo ryou!! i too like the idea of this little project with my littles...will be fun to look back on one for your weight...more chocolate...more is far to short...treat your self and then hop back on board!! much l♥ve and light to you and yours~

  3. I'm off to vote for you! Good luck. Love your picture.

  4. Wow..fabulous post..! All Wonderful stuff..i voted for you for the wishes on everything girl..shine on! I'll pop in and visit the IA results!!
    Happy Wkd!!

  5. Fun post, and I love the socks. Will go vote for you and good luck.

  6. Off to vote for you, too! And I also loove Brandon's sexy vocals (needs an extra 'O')

  7. Love it! These little glimpses into our lives at this moment are fascinating! Hey, and we both have bobs and watch The Apprentice - who knew? Lol!

    And btw, I voted for you :)

  8. You are a brave woman to post your weight! Good luck with the diet, and have a happy week!

  9. Love the picture - those are my favorite kind of socks! Love your happy attitude about life. Reading your blog made me smile. And I voted for you, too. Good luck with that and Marketing Team of the Year competition.

  10. What a great snapshot of your life right now!
    Great socks!


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