Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Soft animals

Before you read this post, you should take a look at what inspired it. Jamie Ridler has been writing of the vulnerabilities of our desires and invites us to share those things that we might be most afraid of sharing - what poet Mary Oliver portrays in the lines:

"You have only to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves..."

Jamie suggests we should "clear away our cobwebs of limiting beliefs". This ties in beautifully with what I have been reading in the classic book on writing 'If you want to write' by Brenda Ueland. Brenda talks about being true to oneself. I was so struck by this quote that I was moved to write it down so I could keep reminding myself of it:

"Everyone is original, if he tells the truth, if he speaks from himself. But it muts be from his true self and not from the self he thinks he should be."

Last night I wore my goals on my sleeve and posted a journal entry sharing what I hope to be achieving in the coming months - you can read it here. It wasn't an easy thing to share and I contemplated keeping it private but I'm also a firm believer in sharing your desires with the universe or, at the very least, writing them down. I know that if I don't make effort to achieve these goals now then I'll feel guilty because I told you I would. It's well-needed motivation and a tried and tested way of putting pressure on myself.

In terms of perhaps sharing some of the 'softer' desires, the embarrassing tracks on the ipod type thing. I am not afraid of admitting my geekiness and sharing what is me with the world. Naturally some things should and do remain private but I don't mind letting people see what makes me tick and in fact like to think of myself as a little bit eccentric. I'm not exactly what people would call a shrinking violet. When I was a child I was always worrying about what people would think. Then one day - when I was in my teens I think - I just stopped with the realisation that if friends accepted me for who I was and respected you for your unique opinions, points of view and dodgy musical taste!

However, perhaps I should confess one little secret about me. As we were talking about 'soft animals' it reminded me that I still like to cuddle a soft animal in bed every now and again! One of my favourite things to look at is a child clutching their favourite toy in slumber - I guess I am rather a softie at heart and need my comfort.


  1. Hi Lisa, just doing a quick blog hop before getting down to work! Will be checking out your links more thoroughly later cos it looks real interesting. Just thought I say quick tho, I have a cuddly rabbit and yes I often cuddle her in bed if i can't sleep or if I feel a bit sad and you know what? Usually I drop right off to sleep and wake up feeling so much better!

    Ro xxxx

  2. Lol at the tried and tested way. I use it myself too. :D
    As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  3. As Lisa wishes for herself, so I sincerely wish for her as well.

  4. that Brenda Ueland book is wonderful. our toddler granddaughter was here last week and i had pulled out the few stuffed animals we have for her to play with. one day when she was gone, i curled up with one and thought: why do we think these are only for kids?! :) as you wish for yourself, i wish for you also.

  5. This is a lovely post. Thank you. I will read your post about expressing your goals. I think it is a brave and open and honest thing to do.
    As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.
    Big hugs

  6. You're not the only one with a 'secret' love of stuffed animals...I even have one snuggly blanket that I think of as my 'blankey' like the ones I used to carry around as a kid...adults need comfort humans, we never stop needing that...

    As you wish for yourself, I so wish for you as well.


  7. Oh, Lisa, I think that stuffed animals are precious and I think they are a comfort! They bring pure joy!

    And I want to say that I love your piece is amazing!!

  8. Love your post. Like you and trust me, other millions of women in the world as well, we could never and should never abandon our stuffed animal. :D

  9. wondeful you share your journey! we could all use a snuggly one now and then!

  10. I love to clutch a soft animal in bed as well - a little soft cuddly moose!

  11. Here is wishing you a big cuddly, snuggle hugger. May what you wish for yourself...and what I wish for you come true.

  12. I love the quote. It is perfect advice for a writer. Be true to yourself and write of that truth is basically what it is saying. Speak and write from your true heart. Thanks so much, I'm inspired by this.

  13. As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. If I had a teddy I would snuggle with it from time to time also, nothing compares ;-)


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