Thursday, 28 October 2010

Flavia speaks (again!)

Much as I wouldn't normally post the same picture twice (and certainly not in the same week!), serendipity thought otherwise this evening and forced me to stay up well past my bedtime to bring you this rework of Sunday's creation - Flavia.

Let me explain. I was pondering what to create for Inspiration Avenue this week with the delightful selection of word prompts provided. I would also be required to grunge up my creation for a vintage, rusty or aged feel.

I turned to my old friend Ms Google and searched for some inspirational quote to kick start the creative juice. Who should be waiting for me but Flavia herself. Having tangoed her way here last weekend in a philosophical mood, here she was again and spouting more little gems of wisdom.

Tonight she wishes us not to:

"Cut the wings of your dreams, for they are the heartbeat & freedom of your soul."

I suspect there may be more than one Flavia and this one doesn't tango onto the pages of my sketchbook, but you never know!

So, we present a slightly cheating entry for the Avenue. Well, how could I use a quote from Flavia without including the lady herself? Here she is 'aged' and rusted from being left out in the rain Photoshop. I think you'll agree, she doesn't really look a day older - must be something to do with having an Italian lover permanently smoldering away in the corner...


  1. I love how you always make me smile. Even on a tough day like today for me, you did it. Thank you. And she looks lovely. :)

  2. Gorgeous Lisa..i think it is beautiful and enchanting wiht such an antique-y feel! Love it!

  3. WoW Lisa, she looks entirely different!
    I love the quote you found...perfect-o! She certainly held up better in the rain than a cake...or a Krisp Kreme Donut, yum :0

  4. Hi!!! this is beautiful.....

  5. Lovely. We should all have an Italian lover stashed in the corner somewhere :-)


  6. I like what you did with her.Beautiful.

  7. I think you fit the challenge perfectly with your Flavia. Love that rusted look.

  8. Flavia is aging beautifully and she's wise. I'm keeping my wings.

  9. Lisa she's lovely! The rich rusty browns give such a lovely depth and warmth :)

  10. I had to go back and see the original. I joined that group and tried to draw a circle, then partition it. Even that was too much for my unartistic creativity. I am so in love with the piece you made for the class AND the one you revisited here for the IA challenge. I wouldn't say you cheated. She is so different from the original, I had to keep scrolling back and forth between the two posts. Seems you are as adept at PS as you are with pencil and paint. Lovely, lovely!


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