Saturday, 11 December 2010

An excuse to post about fairies

What is it with the fairy phenomenon that we so want to believe? OK, the handsome, yet cynical specimen of manhood sitting next to me might not, but I know you're out there - the believers.... I've even read recently an entire post devoted to fairy circles and a little googling found 'evidence' of their existence in a mysteriously named place called Ann Arbor (is it a town or the woman that works in the library?). Indeed, one of my favourite moments from the Antiques' Roadshow seemingly gives photographic evidence. (I've posted this clip before - see bottom of post, but if you've never seen it and a rather fond of the dainty winged poppets, then you really must watch - the whole thing mind, don't miss a moment...).

I have always loved drawing the little creatures. As wee lassie (I'm not Scottish, it just sounded kind of cute written down), I memorised the Flower Fairy poems of Cecily Mary Barker and painstakingly copied her illustrations.

Here is my grown up version who has a touch of the absinthe about her...

For Illustration Friday - Phenomenon.


  1. I agree about fairies. We really want to believe. Your little fairy is adorable. I love the expression you have given her-it's in the it.

    I looked up the evidence from Ann Arbor-yes, it is a funny name for a town but one that I have always heard (they have about the best art show there in the summer in the USA) That was a cute post..his daughters really wanted to believe and I think it was good of the man to oblige.

    I am not seeing where to click for the video you talked about. Would love to see it.

  2. Oops, forgot to post the link! It's there now..

  3. Love your little fairy and her colours are perfection!

  4. It look like someone already told you Ann arbor is a town in Michigan home of the University of Michigan. My sister lives near there and I have been there several times. It is true that there is a fantastic art show every summer. It is also home to is Hollanders a book arts store that sells book binding supplies and the most wonderful papers.

    I loved seeing the video and yes, I do believe in fairies....

  5. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do...hee hee. I love your little painting - she is lovely. I have believed in the fae folk for as long as I can remember...I am off to a midsummer fairy party in a couple of weeks - I have my wings all ready x

  6. Ah yes, Ann Arbor, Michigan. My son loved that place when he lived not so far away from there, and I almost went--I know I'll go someday--hey, maybe I'll even be in that exclusive much poputlar art show there.

    P.S. She's awesome--keep making them!!

  7. I must check this out - I go to Ann Arbor alot!!!! love the fairy
    cheers, dana

  8. So beautiful Lisa...what a gorgeous post I missed...I love fairy magic..and I love your art..gorgeous!!


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