Saturday, 4 December 2010

Handsome men in kilts

I bet that title got your attention didn't it?

Afternoon tea in a Scottish castle? What more could a lassie ask for? Well... A handsome Scotsman resplendent in kilt; a triumphant march of the pipes; snow; a ceildh; a spot of sword dancing... Quite a lot when one's a greedy gal that's for sure.

An invitation to Mr Toasts 2nd Annual Tea Party came late (an oversight I'm sure), so it was was bit of a mad rush to get so far North in such a short timeframe. I'm not talking about the miles, why that's but a 7 hour drive or so. No, remember, I am a female heading to the seat of a handsome Laird. I had to pack... purchase... pack again. Tiresomely time-consuming I have to say, especially when one expects a bit of time travel. I mean we are stepping across the threshold of history after all. I've read all those romantic novels where our heroines find themselves the objects of lust of strapping men with flaming red hair and big swords... I feel it's only right that I prepare myself for every eventuality so whether I find myself at a table of Jacobites or some warring clans, I'm ready...

I might pack my paints too, especially the titanium white... there's an awful lot of snow covering the landscape where I'm heading. See you there tomorrow and save me some clootie dumpling.


  1. Hahaha....Franck thought you were referring to him as he is wearing a red kilt to impress Mr. Toast! hahaha :D

    Glad to see you are packed and ready to go. This tea party is going to be divine and I can't wait to finally sit and have tea and scones with you. Such a treat!

    I see Mr. Toast added you to his sidebar. Peeps are having fun! WEeeee!

    Looking forward to seeing your attire. I'm certain you will be smashing! :)

  2. sounds like fun! send a handsome scotsman my way, will you? i could use a diversion. :)


  3. Oh how fun! I'm glad you're coming to the tea! See you there! :)

  4. Yay..have a sparkling time...sounds fab!! gorgeous art!

  5. Sounds wonderful...hope you have a lovely time x

  6. me too! I am lookinng forward to hanging out with you there in Scotland, for tea. Lots of art and creative things to talk about! xxoo

  7. Snow be hanged! I am arriving with a most experienced driver of sleighs.

  8. Amazing that we are managing to make it through the snow - determination not to miss out! look forward to meeting you at on this spectacular occasion.

  9. "heroines find themselves the objects of lust of strapping men with flaming red hair and big swords..."
    WHOA! Well, let me assure you, the men ast my tea will behave...for th emost part! but you know, those Scotts..and Wanda said to watch out for Robert Wagner. Oh dear me.

    So glad you are coming to the Tea. Lisa. Yes, Torosay castle will not disappoint, let me tell you.

  10. Hope "Hamish" enjoy a very very long soak! Hee. Welcome to the Castle. I turst you like your room?

  11. Lisa, you were such a blast. Thank you so much for coming. How do you work such wonders to conjure up 400 year old Scottish hunks?! Ha. thank you for all you added to out christmas tea. It would not have been the same without you.


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