Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Monster Munchie

As a parent, don't you just dread the letter that comes home from school that details the outfit you are required to make for the school play - with just a week's notice too? Last year it was a donkey. I was stacked with work and in a panic... Until Tesco came to my rescue. There I was wheeling the trolley around stocking up on my veggies when there, hanging on a rack, with a very cheap price tag, was a donkey. I've never grabbed anything from that store so quick!!

Not that I mind making these things when I've got the time. I made a fantastic crocodile once for my friend who was going to a fancy dress as Crocodile Dundee (I went as Uncle Albert from Only Fools & Horses - a classy costume, I can tell you, even if the beard was a bit itchy).

Anyway, here's a little fancy dress whimsey for Illustration Friday's Prehistoric encounter and my Watercolour class homework - you know how I love to multi task.

My son has some slippers just like these; I'm surprised he can walk in them!


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  2. This is really cute! I love the monster costume :)

  3. What an illustrater you are!
    I love your imagination.

  4. This is fantastic! I love it!!!
    You are amazingly talented :)

  5. love this .. it is so much fun and now I want slippers like that too.


  6. Your watercolor work is wonderful! Well done as usual. Keep going! Now for multi-tasking, anyway you could squeeze in the Sketch Book Project. I've been looking forward to see some of your work. Just trying to lure you in ... hahaha! ;D

  7. Very fun!!!

    What did you have to buy this year?

    (I'm so happy my girls are in University now! None of those surprises!!)

  8. Dread it? Oh Yer! Especially when you have a few kids. It is a full time job keeping up with school and kinder requests.

  9. Fabulously adorable...I loooove this! this looks like it is from a wonderful story book..you should create some magical story books with your art..awesome! do you illustrate for books? You are wonderful!


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