Sunday, 5 December 2010

Highland fling

Before I begin this post I thought you might want to just gaze on this Highland scene for a while and take in all of its majesty. It really is quite something I'm sure you'll agree...

I'm standing at the gates of Torosay Castle on Mull. The battlements are blanketed in snow but the sweet scent of woodsmoke curls from the chimney pots promising a roaring log fire to warm the cockles indoors.

It is Mr Toast's annual Christmas tea and I have arrived. On one arm I carry a basket filled with Scottish delectable delights, the other arm is entwined in Hamish's brawny muscle. I found the epitome of Highland hunk lurking on the edge of the Castle grounds with a slightly bemused expression. He claims that when he took to his bed last night it was definitely the 15th Century and he had just returned victorious from leading a bloody battle with the Clan McDonald. Victory lasts a long time in these parts. I haven't seen any golden arches in many a mile I can tell you...

Well, it looks as if fate has provided me with the perfect date for a Scottish tea. He is a touch scruffy looking and slightly rough around the edges but frankly I wouldn't have a Highland hero any other way (unless he was Jamie Fraser* himself, but he's taken!)... I'll just make sure he wipes his feet before we go indoors. As if on cue, Hamish's flat stomach growls and I invite him to join me, Mr Toast and a host of international bloggers for tea - I'm there will be more than enough to go around. He gazes at my beseeching look and gives in "Aye lassie," he smiles and offers me his arm... That's the thing with fantasy heroes - you can get them to do anything you want (including bathe - phew, this one certainly needs it), what fun!

(Jamie Fraser is the hero of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander aka Cross Stitch series. A man if ever there was one!)

We crunch our way up the snowy path and in through the heavy oak doors. The party is in full swing - I spot my blog friends and dash over to compare outfits....

What do you think of mine by the way? The perfect dress for such an occasion - and Hamish seems to like it... I'm not sure how my hair turned blonde so suddenly. Surely it was a deep cherry red this morning? Mind you, I've also got a 500 year old date so who am I wonder about hair shades?

Hours later...

Well darlings there's so much been happening I don't know where to begin. Highland hospitality is definitely everything it is cracked up to be, make no mistake. Hamish caused quite a stir and has been regaling us with his wild adventures from a seat by the fire. Quite a storyteller, I can tell you. He's the Clan Chief from Castle Duart which rises from the mist and snow across the Loch from us. Apparently my painting opened a time portal. It closes again at Midnight and he needs to go back and sharpen his claymore so we'd best make the most of him while he's here...

All the stories from the Christmas Tea can be read and enjoyed on Mr Toast's blog - don't miss the excitement...


  1. The fabulous picture lured me here and now I'm quite taken up with all the tea party stories -a brilliant idea. Thankfully I have my own Highland hunk at home, complete with kilt, so will have to get him to undo a few more buttons!

  2. oops all set for Sunday Sketches and did a three sixty on meeting your wonderful guest in his regalia - Do join our Family Christmas Tea with Mr Toast too!, here

  3. Wow.. I had a hard time getting past the first picture (haha) but was well worth it. What a great story, I love the way you weave all the images. I am so amased at what great art and stories you create. Wonderfully done.

  4. oh my... um... did you say something? i'm still stuck at the photo at the top i think. hmmm... ;)

    ~*~ are a lovely person with a lovely talent and i thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. Gorgeous art Lisa..and fabulous post! I love the scots..well my "man" is scottish i definalety enjoy the pics!!
    Such a fun spirited post..that tea soudns magical!

  6. Oh my Gosh! Well, you found your self a hunky Highlander for sure...but I am very happy with my Ralph Fiennes...but you were very lucky, my dear...rough around the edges is good!

  7. ah your attire for the evening is most lovely...i really should have packed my kilt...smiles.

  8. What a great dress for this fun occasion! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself already!

  9. Lisa/Wrightstuff, you are amazing to have landed Hamish! he is rather famous in these parts for his battles and bravery, and now, after such a long stay underfoot, it's time for him to indeed have some highland fun and fling. Enjoy! you are such a hoot. Love it. SO glad you coudl make it to the Tea.

  10. Oh I loved every word.Your date was fabulous as I knew it would be. You never fail to delight....You made my sunday evening... Well you know it being your fantasy I am sure Claire would have given Jamie up for the night....


  11. Very pretty watercolour and Wow!! magical too!

  12. I simply had a blast at the Christmas Tea Party with you tonight. I'm so glad that you were able to make it. Everyone ADORED you. :)


  13. What a fabulous story, and of course you lured me in with Man-in-Kilt! Being a Crosstitch/Outlander fan, I love anything to do with the Highlands.....and I agree with the above comment, I'm sure Claire would have shared for *one* night :)

  14. That dress is gorgeous. I love the way the skirt is lifted up with a clasp to reveal the petticoat beneath. No doubt your 'date' thought so to. He was pretty gorgeous, by the way.
    Glad to make your acquaintance.
    By the way, where did you purchase that dress, if you don't mind my asking?

  15. What a night we had (I think), and once again I do apologise for my behavior whilst under the influence of alcoholic excess.

  16. Wow its lovely to see the enthsiasm around here and the watercolor is lovely too..

  17. love the painting and the story - your words take the reader there with you!
    cheers, dana

  18. I'm just so sorry I didn't find you until this morning ~ from your comment. I know the Tea is over, but your handsome Scot and your dress to die for...and I love watercolors ~ my passion and your is so marvelous.
    I will bookmark you so I can come back and visit.

    BTW Thanks for returning Robert. I cleaned him up, wrapped him neatly (haha) and sent him back to his son Tony ~~~ I'll be a little more careful next year in my choice. Although I must say, most of the time he was delightful, and a gentleman.

    I'll keep in touch.

  19. What a blast! Can't wait for next year.

    Hope you've recovered

  20. thank you for saying au revoir this morning and for letting us know Hamish may be beck. If you evr happen to see him again, tell him he is of course welcome! i wonder how he woudl have done in sword fight with Zorro/Mr. Silver Fox, had he come? Hmm...


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