Friday, 10 December 2010

Peace on earth

I was saving this for nearer the Big Day but since I set the challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week as Peace - and haven't had a moment to myself to create an entry since - I thought I would share with you now.

The ornament I drew this from is sitting pride of place on my mantlepiece. A recent purchase, but I think it will become a firm family favourite - a bit like a cushion which my son pulled out of the decorations box last weekend announcing with delight "It wouldn't be Christmas without the Christmas pillow!" So cute!

Every year I delight in pulling old and forgotten friends from the box of sparkly bits and treasures. I usually find cards I bought in the sales last year - after I've just forked out for a new batch - and there's always a crumpled cracker or two that look like they've been sat on by Santa. This year's best find was the beautiful angel I bought last winter. She's next on the list to draw!

Coloured pencil sketch with the background added in Photoshop.

Peace and Goodwill wishes to you all this season my friends.


  1. So beautiful and special...wonderful!Shine Lisa!!!

  2. Lots of love to you Lisa x
    (p.s.hope your cats OK ;) tee hee)

  3. For me, the only reason to decorate at Christmas is that every ornament I hold is a cherished memory of friends and lovers.

  4. I love, love this. You are so creative. And to think you drew inspiration for it from an ornament. How creative is that!

  5. Special, little drawing, Lisa.
    And thankyou for the video...I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. I like the innocence in this peaceful nativity scene.So sweet.

  7. This is a charming drawing Lisa - it has a real warmth :)

    I love re-discovering old favourite ornaments too, they're always steeped in memories :)

  8. This is so cool! I absolutely love Holiday Ornaments, and thought when I first saw this illo that they were tiny dolls. That they're ornaments makes total sense :-) They're beautifully drawn, and they look so warm and huggable. And of course, peaceful.

    I've always believed that ornaments and stuffed toys and dolls and the like secretly are alive, Velveteen Rabbit style, so I have a personal connection to this illustration. I hope your ornament in real life has a happy life living on its tree, and that you keep up the wonderful illustrations! Glad to have found your blog as well :-) Yay for those who loves fairies!

  9. *those who love fairies-- in my hasty excitement I had a spelling fail. Oops!

  10. What a delightful scene for the Peace challenge. I love non commercial ornaments.


  11. Beautiful drawing of what appears to be an adorable Christmas ornament.

    Great post that I could relate to. My two were taking things out of the box declaring with delight at old favourite decorations they'd discovered. And every year we have a wooden and a fabric advent calender that have over the years become treasured family items to signal Christmas approaching. I love to see them making pleasant memories that I hope they'll remember into adulthood.

    Kat X

  12. one of my favorite parts of Christmas is looking over the ornaments the kids have made or we have made as family; so sweet especially now that 2 out 3 are on their own now.


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