Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oops did I ask for something?

Watching The Apprentice yesterday when the contestants were required to use their best buying skills was a wonderful demonstration of the differences between the sexes. Now don't go shouting at me because, of course, not every woman can be tarred with the same brush; but let's face it how many of us ladies are any good at ruthless negotiating? How many times have you attempted this task by starting with an apology?

It was a simple case of girls v boys last night. Buy the 10 things on the list for the cheapest price possible. Boys ran out of the door with little planning or forethought but began their negotiations at 70% below asking price and didn't back down. Girls meticulously located items, tried to knock down the vendors by about 20%, gave in really quickly and actually said "sorry for asking".

Boys got 7/10 items, girls 10/10. Boys won the task despite incurring hefty fines for the failed purchases. Girls lost because frankly, they were far too nice!

Yep, that's me alright. However, future employers, vendors and anyone else I might have to lock horns with. Be afraid, be very afraid because I am learning. Oh yes, I am taking heed of those that tell me off for selling myself short. I am learning to value myself higher (my inner niceness is screaming NOOOOOOO, but I am not listening!). Come join me ladies. It's time to look at ourselves in a new light because we are so worth it!

No more will I be selling original artwork for £10 (yes, I seriously did that last week...). No more will I think "I can't do it". No more apologetic tones when stating my consulting day rate.

(I am fighting some serious inner turmoil here - there's a whole pantomime cast and audience having a whale of a time... I can't possibly post this! Oh yes, you can. Oh no I can't.... Eek. What happened to 'She who Dares?'

Oh, whatever, here we go...

By the way. Painting finished from sketch posted earlier in the week. I rather like this. She is going to be a Christmas present for a friend... if I can bear to part with her...


  1. Yay you! And your painting is lovely - lucky friend x

  2. Oh....she is fantastic. I LOVE the side profile alot. Love the hair, too! :) You're rocking!

    PS You should join me/us on Sunday for the virtual tea party. It's a blast and SO much fun. Peeps are CRAZY funny. There's a link to last year's to read through some... :D

  3. Great post!!! I agree, I too have done what you do. We need to change!

    Love the painting too♥ She's beautiful!

  4. Lisa..she is fabulous!! Your friend is very lucky! Gorgeous!!

  5. Love the painting, Yes you can do it. Your art is worth way more than that and I know you know it. Go for it put some big prices out there and see what happens.... Hey what do you have to lose.... Nothing.


  6. TAWANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am cheering from my seat!!! The painting is beautiful!
    cheers, dana

  7. You always do the best hair colors! I love this lady ~ she looks very confident.

    I always thought women were better shoppers than men. Just because we do more of it ~ ALOT more. Hmmm. Some men I know (not naming any names) will pay anything just to get it over with. Goes to show you though, when it's a competition, all bets are off!

  8. Such a beautiful piece! I love the pose and the woman's expression. Her hair is painted beautifully.

  9. I like your painting very much, but I love your spirit of adventure and the outpouring of self-doubt, inner critic, etc. I egt the same - talking to someone who understands the joy of mixed media really fires me up, whereas selling socks doesn't!!
    I am not shocked by the £10 original art because I too have done that... Try and work out what it cost you interms of an hourly rate (crazy, huh?) and adjust from there?
    Rosie =)

  10. Oh dear should see everything that is already going on for the Christmas Tea Party tomorrow. Check out the sidebar on Mr. Toast's blog. hahaha I've joined in, too. It's going to be so much fun. Can't wait to see how you are getting there. hee hee



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