Sunday, 26 December 2010

Isabel - a sketch - and a milestone

Here I am staring at a pc screen late on Boxing Day. My vision is slightly blurred through fatigue and a tipple or two (well, tis the season... the Irish coffee may have been perhaps a little more than necessary...). Suddenly I realise I have missed Sunday Sketches...

Well, it so happens that I have something up my sleeve - what self-respecting artist doesn't after all? I rather love this pretty little lady who appeared as if by magic one evening last week. She's not quite finished... or is she? What do you think I should do with her decolletage? I was thinking a red blouse with white polka dots? Shall I paint her silken outfit or collage with some interesting papers? Decisions decisions...

I've called her Isabel. She is definitely Spanish. I know this because she kept tapping a flamenco beat while I was trying to draw her - and the fact that she only spoke that language was another large clue...

Perhaps I should post now while I am ahead...

By some fluke I just realised this is my 500th post!!!! Wow! Who would have thought it? Unfortunately, I am too tired to think much on this right now, so tune in again tomorrow (or possibly the next day) for my 501st post when I hope to have something intelligent to say on the matter. Right now I am off to bed. Tootle pip!


  1. Isabel is lovely, Lisa. I love her hair and the little red ribbons. Her factial features are sweet and warm. Great job! :) Hugs!!

  2. I love Isabel..she is wonderful Lisa.,,so gorgeous and magical a spirit she holds!

  3. She's beautiful Lisa! Hope you enjoyed your red cabbage! LOL!

    Happy Boxing Day!

    Ro xx

  4. She is beautiful Lisa, she looks complete, but if you were so inclined a red blouse would surely stand out.

  5. All Best Wishes to you into the New Year 2011!

  6. wow, she's a beauty. You know, she made me think of Elizabeth Taylor, must be the eyes.

  7. She is beautiful... congrats on the 500th post, that is fantastic!

  8. She is deep...there is a story behind her eyes.
    But I am not sure she is ready to tell it.
    Isabelle, are you as shy as me?

    Sheesh Lisa...maybe I've had my fill of Christmas 'spirits' LOL
    Happy New Year, Girlfriend! xox

  9. happy 500th post...i like her..the straight lines of the nose are a nice touch...

  10. Congrats on 500 post!! :)
    Love her face and her long neck. Maybe she's simple peasant in a white blouse hehehe. Look forward to seeing her finished.

  11. Isabelle is gorgeous! I like her the way she is even if you don't add anything to her blouse. Congratulations on your 500th post! Woo Hoo!! Michele

  12. Pretty Isabel! Talented Lisa - hugs for the Holidays hunni... just enjoy!
    You are showing me up something awful - I am still in the throes of putting that angel onto a big old canvas!

  13. Congrats on your 500th post! :) Isabel looks beautiful.

  14. Congrats on your 500th!!! Isabel is beautiful! She looks finished - with soulful eyes!
    cheers, dana

  15. I love the style you seem to be developing in your girls. Her lips and nose features are becoming a trademark of your work. I'm wanting to get started on new work as well but bogged down by holiday ventures and will be for another week. to the new year.

  16. ~isabel...she reminds me a bit of you!!! is there a spanish bit lingering within of you??? she is really pretty!!! congrats on your 500th post...a wonderful milestone and i do hope there will be many more to follow in the days ahead...much l♥ve light and blessings be with you and yours~

  17. Isable popped right off the page when i opened this up. she's beautiful i do think red and white polka dots would be trmendous. perfect for her! I do so love her hair, too!

  18. Wow! Amazing! Her skin is so beautiful and I love the way you colored her hair.

  19. oh my, do you know how gifted you are that you can draw like this?!! she´s such a personality! you can be proud of this!
    congrats on you 500th post... cheers for many more:)

  20. I love this very beautiful!!
    Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year...may 2011 be filled with awesome artful things. Hugs, Gayle.

  21. Isabel is GORGEOUS! You drawings just get better and better. How on earth will you be able to top this in the New Year? =)
    Have a Happy New Year sweet friend.
    I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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