Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Castles in the mind

Give me a castle and I'm away with the fairies (and Princesses, Knights, Wizards and other motley members of such a fortification). They are clearly on the mind this week - if I'm not watching Camelot or Game of Thrones, then I'm writing metaphorical stories and knocking down walls with sheer determination.

This is my favourite castle. Interestingly I dreamt about Warwick last night. I had bought my dream house there. It was incredible (though I got lost on the way back after a little exploration around town). I have a feeling about this dream - it's not the first time I've had it. If we take the literal interpretation, maybe it really is my dream house and one day I'll find myself living there. Symbolically it's about new beginnings. At least there weren't any zombies in it, which frankly makes a change. I seem to have the (paranormal) lion's share of undead in my night time imaginings.

I've been writing articles all day and creating all night (with a little bit of monster-bashing on an MMO in between!). Painting with my just received delivery of new Golden acrylics (sigh - those colours just blow me away). Then I took myself off into romantic-fantasy-land for the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge.

I took the photo when I used to work an arrow's flight from these battlements. A bit of layering, some playing with brushes, textures and applying a little trickery and we have Warwick Castle - with a couple of twists in the telling. Can you spot them?

How could romantic intrigue not but happen in a place such as this - forsooth?!


  1. I'm with you there, I also love castles, they have such resonance in our history.

    Warwick is such an interesting one, it has that medieval aspect with the Edwardian house

  2. Lisa, I share your love of castles, I even wrote a whole book about one I lived in in France. It's called "Woman Within the Web. Mine was haunted!

  3. Castle are romantic although not sure how practical to live in :) I would love to do a castle tour in the UK - sigh .... when the kids are older I think :)
    Love the moons and I swore I saw a flash of light from one of the tower windows:)

  4. ahhh ... now that's a dream worth chasing after. i do have a good feeling about your dream as i read this post. i also think it's going to come true :) well ... here's to dreams fulflled, castles, romance and every knight, elf and fae-folk in between :) cheers!!

  5. I want to go here! Hello Miss! How are you???
    So sorry to have been so long absent!

    I am a sucker for castles too! What have you been up to?

    Smiles and hugs

  6. I can't seem to get my fill of castles, knights, and kings. I just finished yet another historical novel. So I love what you've done with Warwick castle. It's hard to fathom living within these walls.

    I hope you get your dream home...something a little more "homey" than Warwick castle. I have a good feeling about your dream also!

  7. Oh yes, this castle definitely inspires romance. And as regards Game of Thrones - we've been glued to that fab series. Similarly this new Camelot promises to be good too. In our house adults and children alike love fantasy. The kids (& us) love the BBC Merlin too & are looking forward to the new series.

    Hope you get your dream home some day soon.
    Kat Xx

  8. I love castles too! Oh yes they are so romantic and magical! :-)

  9. Most apt Lisa! I went to Skipton Castle yesterday on a school trip with my son's class.
    It was such a great day and the guide we had really brought it all to life.
    I wasn't too keen on the dungeon though, especially when they turned the light off!

  10. I just love castles! I always wanted one of my own as well. But I did manage to catch my knight in shinning armor!

  11. oh wow, lisa, what a great job you did. and i so love your stories. i think of you as the type of person who is always creating, even in your dreams;-)

  12. Oooh this post..and I have always been a castle-esque kind of gal..always dreamt of them...feel super connected to them...gorgeous post..alawys magical visiting you Lisa..and Love "the wall" post!! and love the photo too...shine are awesome!

  13. Gorgeous image Lisa, I bet that castle would have some romantic days-of-yonder stories to tell if it could! x

  14. I agree that castles are romantic and breathtaking, and this is a very clever/creative way to interpret the challenge. Beautiful!


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