Sunday, 26 June 2011

ood elddood


Above all I am experimenting!

Limbering up excercises for Experimental Art which starts on Monday and conveniently matches this week's Tic Tocc prompt to doodle.

I have experimented thus:

Pour yourself a chilled glass of Sauvignan Blanc (don't stop to see how to spell it because that wastes valuable time).

Grab a magazine and a sketch book and put on some very cool music. My choice being Classic Chilled Ibiza Mix. Have a slurp of wine and flick through glossy pages until something grabs you.

Draw it with your 'not usual' hand and sort of flow along with the tunes... sipping more wine is a good idea...

Let inspiration drift through your pen. The music was rubbing my senses, the wine soothed them and the lyrics spoke to me... so I wrote them down ...  backwards, with my left hand and back to front. I switched pens. Why make this easy? A calligraphy pen that needs to be regularly dipped in a pot of ink is clearly more of a challenge.

Then, I took what I'd learned and applied it to this half-finished sketchy doodle lady for shading and hair[?]. Can you read it?

Sharing for Sunday Sketches too.

One of my many prepared backgrounds in my sketchbook came in very handy!


  1. oh My :) the writing backwards sounds difficult, but the exercise sound like it is worth a try. Fantastic end result :)

  2. Your doodle lady if fabulous. I love the block colour and also how you have used the writing as part of the face. Brilliant!

  3. what a great way to bring out creativity! Sounds like an inspiring night!, I like the writing mixed in and yes, I can read some of it. I love the "you are an artist" enjoy your sunday, Lisa!

  4. Awesome work, love that the text adds shading to the face! You have to come close/zoom in to tell it's actually text...
    Beautiful colors, on both of these artworks!

  5. Great lot of doodles! I like that you tried the prompt idea of doodling in a different hand. I love the first picture because she looks like she is peering through a forest of the imagination. And I the last picture's background is so beautiful and effective with the worded leaves. Fab stuff!

    Thanks for playing along with the Tic Tocc. Glad you had such a wonderful evening. The Experimental art course sounds intriguing - I shall have to check it out.
    Kat X

  6. Beautiful piece! And doodles with the opposite hand that you ususally create with, a glass of wine and music sound like a perfect environment for creative inspiration! Fun Stuff!

  7. This is fabulous and so very fun to read. I could use a healthy dose of this process you describe. Really great to see.

  8. Have a slurp of wine?! hahaha LOVE it. You are one unique chickie and I LOVE it! :D I like the art challange idea. And although I'm already doing one with the alphabet, I'd like to start messing around for fun with the blog monsters that I discovered through Kristen's blog that's on Steve Loya's blog. Hee

    Thanks for always inspiring!! Happy SS! :)

  9. Oh what fun - I shall try it! Love the softness..

  10. I like the colours you used in the first one. the 2nd one looks very Zen and lovely.

  11. i love your post, what you shared with us and the outcome!

  12. Fun experiment! I can't say I've ever drawn while slurping wine. The doodle lady is lovely - great use of colors and words.

  13. Oh how I wish I could drink! Lol! Seriously, I love to hear about your creative process and this is such an interesting piece - Love the colors and your ladies eyes are intense and beautiful!

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


  14. Great ideas, and a wonderful way to get creativity flowing! Valerie

  15. Love those doodles! There's a lot of freedom in doodling ♥

  16. still too sleepy to make out the words but great way to create.

    have a lovely day.

  17. very beautiful! love your experiment!

  18. I really enjoyed reading your post and about your creative experiment. I'll have to try this out some time. Happy sunday sketches.

  19. I LOVE your doodle girlie and all the journaling on her face - very creative! She's so mysterious... The doodle exercises are something I want to try too. I just LOVE your writing and always get a chuckle or three from your blog posts! Thanks for sharing!
    Jessi xox


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