Thursday, 23 June 2011

Live Laugh Love

"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us."
Thomas Browne

Normally I would write something now - you know me, never can resist a little essay to accompany my art. However, I am very tired and stayed up too late playing with this. There is however a glimmer of light still in the sky reminding us that, despite the rain and chill, it is Summer!

So, to celebrate the Summer Solstice and for all those knee deep in mud at Glastonbury, this is some Summer sun just for you.

Well, it appears that I have managed to write an itsy little bit... And, well now I'm on a roll, so I might as well share how the prompt of Summer Sun at Inspiration Avenue and anticipation of the Experimental Art Course starting on Monday, got me snipping and tearing shades of turquoise and yellow from magazines to make this collage. After the tedium of waiting for glue to dry, I painted on streaks of real sunlight (tis true!) and snatched a little patch of blue from between the clouds. A little digital enhancement and she was ready.

She was going to be rising out of Stonehenge, but she heard the guitars tuning up a few miles distant on Glastonbury Tor (see pics on link) so pulled on her wellies and headed over. It might be raining, but as you can see, she carries her sun within!


  1. gorgeous. and you are so funny;-)

  2. So gorgeous Lisa and super enchanting..I love Glastonbury Tor..magical! Wonderful piece as always!

  3. I love her - she makes me smile! very ... well... SUNNY!

    had to you know?

    Smiles and hugs

  4. She looks devine! :) Love the warm yellow.

  5. A warm and very sunny image. Love the post.

  6. She is beautiful.
    It is nice to carry a sun shining attitude
    inside no matter what the weather.

  7. She is hot as the summer sun! Your little essay made me laugh!

  8. I always, always love your collage pieces! Aren't yellow and turquoise the happiest couple? xox

  9. This piece is just full of light, warmth and sunshine - it's wonderful!

    I love the Browne quote - I wonder if that's where The Police got their song title?


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