Thursday, 30 June 2011

Just call me Beaker

Oh have I been having fun these past few days. Well, actually it has been quite a week. I've spent daylight hours writing until the keyboard starting bleeding, but come twilight and it's time to paint and, more specifically, experiment.

The Experimental Art course finally started and I came over all scientific. I even put my lab coat on and styled my hair like Beaker. Just as well I don't speak like him or you'd have trouble understanding.

I am actually very excited and all I've been doing is doodling and staining. I do however feel like a proper experimenter. Take yesterday for example, I sprinkled coffee granules on a sheet of paper torn from Country Living and dripped water on it. Not at first glance art. In fact, I had to warn my boyfriend against throwing it out. He wasn't the slightest bit surprised that a soggy sheet from a magazine drying out over a mug was part of one of my projects. Funny that...

I knew I'd do something with it and tonight, while fighting a feeling of restlessness, I scanned it, called over Dr Bunsen Honeydew and experimented. What do you think? Is it art?

Catch the week's experiments in my Flickr pool

And remind yourself just how funny Beaker & Bunsen are... they even get to experiment with coffee too!


  1. I say yes! Its art and I love it! Very cool! :)

  2. Hahaha! Love Beaker!

    It's funny because I used Country Living for my piece too... something about the colour palettes that they use.

    What do you write Lisa? I have my very first published piece about to come out and I'm trying to do more writing if I can (actually I'm supposed to be writing my PhD but that's a whole other story!)

  3. I can totally see those framed and displayed in a sleek modern livingroom in a high-end magazine!

    Experimenting is awesome...keeps the brain exercising :D

  4. Loving the drops of coffee you've captured, fab work.

  5. My answer is Yes it definitely is art !!!

  6. It's a really cool piece of ART! ♥♥♥

  7. Love you always exploring your creativity!! :) And Beaker is SO cool! Love him! :)

  8. I love this collage - The translucent layers are so pretty and I love that it's digital yet has so much dimension. I've marked it for inspiration as I continue to experiment as well.


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