Thursday, 9 June 2011

The summer of colour or indeed color

I was only saying this morning that I'm in danger of taking too much on, and here I am telling you about another artistic challenge group I'm joining! But hey, the truth is that art stuff is pure pleasure and when it becomes a chore then something is clearly going very wrong. None of these challenges require that I take part every week (despite my attempts to do so).

So, it was with pleasure that I tell you about the Summer of Colour - or Color as Kristin from Twinkle, Twinkle spells it. Each week we're focusing on one colour which sounds pretty easy to me. Week 1 will be blue - I could doodle with a Bic and still have something to post - though I hope for something a little more creative (and anyway, I think my Bic is black ;).

I can also multi-task. A bit of colour play will be great for my Experimental Art e-Course which starts later this month. I'm taking this for the second time as it was just so fab the first. Places still available if anyone wants to come and play - link  in my sidebar takes you there.

I've found it hard lately to differentiate between colour. Don't worry, I'm not having trouble with my eyesight. It's more down to the fact that every time I grabbed a tube of paint while 'on retreat' I inevitably had rather paint splattered fingers and paint... well it has a habit of transferring itself onto things...

Somewhat spookily, this song just began playing through my headset - I have iTunes on random... It's called Daydream in blue...


  1. YEAH! So happy you'll be joining in! I am so grateful to have your talents on board - whenever you can ;) I'm looking forward to your blue and thanks for the great video - I love that one too, xoxo

  2. I thought of joining too, but I'm tired and couldn't keep up. Keeping up with my blog and PPF is more than enough for me. Have fun on Twinkle Twinkle. I actually did sign up. I may join up once in a while. Take care. Oh what a great video. I enjoyed it.

  3. The summer of colour sounds like so much fun but alas I am taking a class right now. I will enjoy watching what you do.

  4. I like the look of your new course and look forward to seeing the result of your blue theme!

    Replacing the bed in the box room with a desk sounds a very good option to me! I am decluttering and creating "clearings" all over the house and seeing positive things happen as a result! x

  5. It's bound to be a lot of fun - I too wasn't planning on taking on any more but couldn't resist. Can't wait to see what everyone creates on this journey!


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