Saturday, 18 June 2011

Some fruit for a sweet Saturday

I've been lying in bed this morning with a head bursting with ideas - I even came up with a comedy sketch. It's a bit lame compared to this one though - pure genius!

I had to share this with the bloggers at Sweet Saturdays on Diana Evans' site. To me it is one of the sweetest pieces of comedy writing I've ever seen - and the delivery was just peachy!

While I'm mention the lying in bed business. I might point out that there was a 6 in the hour. Will someone please tell me why, on a 'school day', the alarm has to do its level best to drag me kicking and screaming out of slumber and I spend all day yawning, then on the WEEKEND, yes internal sleep switch - the WEEKEND - I am fully conscious at 6am?


  1. Love it, the natural successor to four candles!

  2. cute video, thanks for sharing on Sweet Saturday!

  3. Too funny! Thanks for the giggles on this Sweet Saturday!

  4. oh this is a riot!!!! I had a great laugh this morning...thank you Lisa!!! I am addicted to my Blackberry!!!! so this was too cute!!!

    Thank you for sharing this with us for Sweet Saturdays....

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  5. I just didn't realized so many gadgets with fruit names. thanks for the laugh!

  6. So funny. I even got hubbie (an Apple fan) to watch it. :D

  7. I loved it! Really great comedy. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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