Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The wall

Once upon a time there was a young lady trapped in a castle surrounded by an enormous wall. She lived a comfortable enough existence and had pretty much everything she wanted, but often wondered what lay beyond the encircling stonework. Was there still something missing from her life? As the years passed, the mortar holding the bricks began to age and crumble a little offering little peeks of what lay beyond. The gentle lady (note she's not young any longer!) was fascinated by what she saw - a world that previously existed only in her dreams was beckoning. It offered up such opportunity and excitement. The lady had just to knock at the cracks, play with the plaster, and surely a way would come through. She pushed back bricks and the world beyond began to open up before her. Eventually whole chunks came crashing down and she took tentative steps beyond the crumpled remains and began to taste new opportunity. It was all there beckoning her, yet still, she would return to the safety of her castle and weeks would go by when she would not even venture near the breaches in the battlements. What was stopping her?

Fear? A lacking in self-confidence? The devils of procrastination and distraction?

Finally one day (as yet another Birthday marked the passing of time) the lady stood once again by the biggest breach and really looked into the distance. "If not now, when?" she shouted. She was no longer afraid. She listened to her instincts and stepped forth...

A piece of writing inspired by Kat's Tic Tocc which taps into my subconscious thought.


  1. Excellent! Loved it. I wonder what she does next??:) Have a great week.

  2. Very nice writing! This line captured me the most - "She pushed back bricks and the world beyond began to open up before her." That in itself unfolds a whole world of mystery. :)

  3. When I read about her pushing back the bricks, I knew she was you. You have been emerging from your castle for awhile now and before long, you will be free. I love the story Lisa.

  4. Great piece, it really speaks to me!

  5. A lovely piece that's straight from the heart. It seems that you & I both found the wall speaking to us in a personal way. Interesting how we both chose a metaphorical approach. I guess 'walls' lend themselves to that sort of interpretation. Glad that a photo I snapped a year ago can be of use now :-)
    Thanks for joining in with TIC TOCC this week - it's always fab to have your company!
    Kat Xx

  6. This was beautifully written. Loved it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. LOVE this piece...you go girl and get your dream...NOW! xo

  8. I think we are all that lady trapped inside the castle walls, at least some of the time. I know I tend to hesitate before tearing out that last stone! Also, sometimes I enjoy just looking out :) So much so, that at times I need a prod (like your beautifully written story) to venture into the unknown!

    This would work well for IA's Romance challenge, but I see it's perfect for Kat's TIC TOCC!

  9. Lovely piece. It transports you into the picture and relates so well to the journey we are all on.


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