Sunday, 13 May 2012

Knowing where to look

I woke to a blinding light that pulled me sleepy perplexion. What on earth could it be? Drawing back the curtains and gingerly twisting open the blinds I was astonished to be greeted by an azure blue sky with not even a wisp of cloud. Could it be? Surely not? Had it actually stopped raining?

Not willing to waste a moment of this rare sunshine, we headed out countryside-bound. Armed with camera and wellington boots, we sneaked off to Coton Manor, and her magical English country garden. It's very special at any time of year (owing to the fairies that live there); but for a couple of weeks in May, when the rain stops long enough, your eyes can intoxicate themselves with the spectacle that is the Bluebell Wood.

It's hard to stop taking photographs in such a beautiful landscape and I already have hundreds from previous visits, but this time I'd set myself an extra special challenge. You see, in this ocean of beauty I was looking for mess.

I look for mess much of the time these days. If I can't find it, I make it. I'm addicted to my Messy Book Group. It is utterly liberating to be making wild, free, abandoned art!

I thought that given the amount of rain (and the 'wellies required' warning on the website), I would get some great shots of gloopy mud. It actually wasn't that bad. So, I was forced to find my own mess and this is where I realised that nature creates some beautiful compositions where you least expect them.

I soon got over my disappointment that we'd missed the best of the wisteria, when I realised what a pretty pattern the petals had painted on the paving!

And was that really a heart in a sticky bird poop?

(As an aside, why does bird poop tend to be white when they mainly eat brown things?)

Nature creates happy accidents too

Intriguing compositions

and... just to prove I didn't just look for mess...

A little artistic adjustment to this one... (messed it up a bit!)

This is Rodney. He's 20 and says "Hello Rodney"


  1. Just as you need a little sadness to really appreciate happiness...a little mess compliments beautiful so well!

    ....a heart in the poop is unexpected, though!

  2. Loved this post. Lovely photos. I must get mine that I took at the Wetlands Centre last week, a nice mess of bird prints in mud (without their wells on).


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